Wilton Brownie Fun Giveaway!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Here are some great products that might come in handy for your 4th of July party!  I picked these up when I did my Wilton Cupcake Giveaway a while back.  The recipes look fun and yummy!  I never met a person who didn’t like brownies!  Have you?  Enter below to […]

How to Test Salmon for Doneness

I LOVE salmon!  Unfortunately, I’m the only one that eats it in my house.  I have a great, simple salmon recipe from my cookbook called Broiled Honey Mustard Salmon that I cook for myself when the guys are away for the day.  Do you like to grill salmon for your family in the summer? Cooking […]

Memorial Day Dessert Idea

It looks like it’s going to be a quiet Memorial Day weekend for us this year.  But if I decide to make some dessert this weekend, this is what I’m going to make! It’s called Mud Pie.  I got the recipe from my Kraft Food & Family Newsletter this week.  Doesn’t it look good?  Click […]

A Decadent Dessert!

I had a great time with family and friends today!  My son Matthew showed us a slide show of his Semester at Sea voyage.  It was so interesting.  I love hearing all of his stories!  His heart seems 10 times bigger since he traveled around the world and had this experience. I made these Peanut […]