A Glimpse of my Classroom

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I’ve been back to school for two weeks now.  I can’t believe how tired I am by dinner time.  I’ve been bringing home Take-Out food a lot, not only because I’m exhausted and hot, but I just got my new kitchen range last week and it wasn’t hooked up right away.  (I’ll give you a kitchen remodel update soon.)

So today I figured I’d share a little bit of my school life with ya.  In case you didn’t know, I work at a Catholic Elementary School (Preschool – Grade 8).  There’s only about 215 students in the whole school.  I teach 2nd grade and have 20 students this year.  It has taken 2 weeks for my students to settle down.  The heat didn’t help.  We don’t have any air conditioning and we’re on the hot side of the building.

The other day, this cute little boy in my class asked if he could draw a picture on his free time.  Well, he drew a picture of me, which got half the class wanting to do the same. This picture is from him.

Isn’t it adorable?


After he drew this picture he says, “There’s a note on your desk!  Aren’t you going to open it?!”


He had the biggest smile on his face when I read it!  It was the cutest thing!  This boy belly-laughs at all of my jokes.  It’s such a riot!


I had one of my students use my iphone to take a picture of me at my desk so I could show you what I was wearing that day.



Here are some pictures that the other kids drew of me. Check out the resemblance!  LOL!



This stuff cracks me up!


Okay, enough with the drawings!


Here are a few pictures of my class.  I obviously can’t show their faces.



I like all the light we get from one wall of windows, but it sure gets hot!


I have been teaching for 25 years.  (Twenty-one years at this school.)  I really wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else. We have our issues now and then, but it feels like one big family to me.  We all help each other out and take good care of each other.

Hope you liked seeing where I work!  If you feel like leaving a comment, I’d love to know what you do at work or at home!


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    • 2.1

      Jane says

      Hi Melody,
      I can’t say that I love my job 100% of the time, because it can be very trying when the kids don’t listen, but I try to make their day as fun as possible and it makes my day when parents tell me that their child loves 2nd grade and hates to miss any school.

  1. 3


    Jane, I loved seeing these pictures. I was always curious about what your classroom looked like at your school. I can see why the note and pictures put a smile on your face – so cute how he got your top just right! lol

    Are the kid’s required to wear uniforms? It looks they are in the pic. I had to wear a skirt and top/sweater combo. in high school. I LOVED it. No planning what to wear involved!

    • 3.1

      Jane says

      Hi Kristi,
      Yes, they can wear navy shorts in the warm months with a uniform polo shirt. In the winter, the girls can wear navy pants and a white blouse or their plaid jumper. The boys have to wear navy pants and the uniform top.

      My kids attended this school when they were young and it sure made it easy getting dressed for school!

  2. 4

    Lindsey says

    I’m a teacher at a small Catholic school, too! In fact, we have the same color uniforms as your students. I teach middle school math and I love it. After teaching in public school, I will ever teach anywhere else. Thanks for this post, I loved it! The pictures are precious!

    • 4.1

      Jane says

      Hi Lindsey,
      My sister teaches in public school. I complain about my job sometimes, but I really have it easy compared to her.

  3. 6

    Maria says


    I thought the glimpse of your classroom was really cool. I forgotten how small your school is. It has been a while since was there. I would love to visit your class with my service dog it we could arrange it. It would be great for the kids. Let me know if you would like to do that. Thanks for sharing Jane

  4. 7


    I loved seeing your classroom and the sweet drawings the students made. I worked in public school for 22 years first as a 3rd grade teacher then as counselor. Your post reminded me how very much I miss the students! It’s a very hard but rewarding job, keep up the good work!

  5. 8

    Mary Beth Mierz says

    I love that I found a blog finally from someone that really knows what it is like to be me. I have been teaching for 19 years, high school special education. I’m really tired at the end of the day and I have 2 very hungry teenage boys waiting for FOOD. Yea!! thank goodness for you and Google. <3

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