Apple Recipes


It’s prime apple-picking time in Massachusetts.  How about where you live?  Have you picked any apples at your local orchard yet? Just in case you missed my apple recipes from last year, I want to share a link to two of my favorites.

The Best Apple Squares


This is probably my family’s favorite dessert!  Dave’s great aunt used to make them around the holidays and they got eaten up in minutes!  Now my sister-in-law (Kristy) and I make them.  If you asked my family, they would probably tell you that they enjoy these more than apple pie.  The flaky crust has a secret ingredient…corn flake crumbs!


Apple Pie Bread


Another Fall recipe that we love is Apple Pie Bread!  It’s moist with a delicious cinnamon streusel topping.  Good stuff!  :)



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    Both recipes look delicious…they will be on my “to make” list. I can’t wait to see all the apple recipes too…thanks for hosting Jane!

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