BJ’s Back-to-School Blogger Event

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Disclosure:  I received a BJ’s Gift Card and some back-to-school items at this event.  The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


It was nice to get invited back to the BJ’s Back-to-School Blogger Event in Hudson, MA last week!  This Hudson store is new and a pleasure to shop in!



Our BJ’s tour began at the coupon section.  Did you know that you can use a BJ’s coupon AND a manufacturer’s coupon for one item?!  That can be quite a savings!


collegePicMonkey Collage

Since this was a “Back-to-School Event,” we checked out all of the college dorm necessities.  Isn’t the retro green dorm fridge cute?  There are other matching items that go with it, like a small microwave, fan, bath scale and a Crock-Pot Mini Lunch Pot.  A pop-up hamper and adjustable bed risers are a must in those tiny, little dorm rooms.


PicMonkey Collage

My son Andrew is going to be a Sophomore in college this Fall and already had some of the dorm essentials (above), so I got him a good supply of shower gel (which he always runs out of because he forgets it in the dorm shower and then it disappears), deoderant, and the ever-popular Kraft Mac and Cheese for the microwave.  Andrew is not a big fan of his school’s cafeteria food.  He does a lot of microwaving.  I got him this big box of plastic spoons, forks, and knives.  That should hold him for a while!


elemPicMonkey Collage

There were some great finds for elementary students, like these Rubbermaid Lunch Blox 3-Kit Combo packs and these Book Sox Book Covers.  The parents in my class have a hard time finding these Jumbo Book Covers for our larger text books.  I wish I could tell them to go to BJ’s!


shopPicMonkey Collage

Now these items were for us.  I got the Cheez-Its because we go through these crackers like crazy in my house.  Each box contains two large bags!  We also go through paper towels and kleenex pretty quickly, so it’s nice to stock up on these big packages before I go back to work in a couple of weeks.  Now don’t laugh or think I’m crazy, but I buy these chicken tenderloins for my dog Parker!  I freeze the individual packages of chicken and cook one package of them at a time.  I give him one piece of chicken for dinner with some sweet potatoes.  Hey, I can spoil him if I want to!  :)



After the tour, our friends from BJ’s demonstrated a few quick sandwich and lunchbox ideas.  I bet your kids would like this Lunchbox Makeover recipe!




We made ourselves a sandwich and enjoyed a great chat about the BJ’s brand.  We also took home a backpack, some lunch containers, a Crayola Coloring Kit, and a BJ’s card to do a little shopping!

I’d like to say a great, big Thank You to the folks at BJ’s!  I had a great time last week and I love being a member of BJ’s!  :)


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    Sounds like a wonderful event Jane. I really wish I could have been there. (It was nice to be invited.) BJ’s has some great stuff for back-to-school – especially for the college aged kids in my opinion.

    (Next time you make that meal for Parker, please invite me too – he eats better than I do! lol! Just kidding…had to throw that in there… :)

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