California Trip Day 3: Beverly Hills and Hollywood

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 If you missed my first two posts of our family trip to California, click on these links:


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Day Two:  Laguna and Newport Beach


On the 3rd morning of our trip, we picked up our tickets at the Santa Monica Pier for our StarLine Hop-On-Hop-Off Doubledecker Bus Tour and Starline Movie Stars’ Homes Tour.  We started the bus tour across from the Pier.


This photo was taken in Santa Monica.  We sat on the top deck to get the best view. 
Don’t the trees look cool?


The Bus Tour went through Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Century City and West LA.


A popular spot to pose for pictures!


As you can imagine, Beverly Hills is beautiful and immaculate!


We saw this Bugatti Veyron while passing through Rodeo Drive.  It is in the $1.7 – $2.7 million range and has a top speed of 250-270 mph.

(You’re welcome!  I knew you were curious!  ha-ha!)


Let me tell ya, during the entire CA trip, Dave and Andrew were in their glory spotting
$100,000 – $200,000 cars left and right!


Why am I mentioning all of this car stuff?  Let’s just say, we don’t see these kind of cars in my neck of the woods and my guys love cars!


I was DYING to see a celebrity on Rodeo Drive, but no such luck.  :(


If we had more time, I would have liked to wander the streets of Beverly Hills.

Let’s face it…I couldn’t afford a pair of socks in these stores!


Hollywood was filled with tourists.  This is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where we had to pick up the van for the Movie Star Tour.


There were a lot of “Look-Alikes” hanging out there.  Andrew took a picture with this Samuel L. Jackson “Look-Alike.”  Little did we know he was expecting some money in return!  There goes another 5 dollar bill!

It was fun seeing the stars on the Walk of Fame.  Here are a few of the stars that came out good with my camera. I saw Michael Jackson’s star, but everybody was hovering over it to take pictures, so we couldn’t get a good shot of it.


This is the kind of van we rode in for the Movie Star Tour.  We wore head phones so we could hear the driver talking to us.

This is Simon Cowell’s house.  It looked very masculine and seemed to really suit him.


This is Dr. Phil McGraw’s house. Isn’t it beautiful?


If I’m not mistaken, this is Halle Berry’s house.


Most of the time, all we could see is the front gate of the houses.


You know what the tour driver said a lot?  Here on your right…this used to be the home of “so-and-so.”

It seemed like he said that for half of the homes!


To be honest, I felt like a stalker trying to get a good glance at the houses and I felt bad for the people who lived there.  Who wants a van full of tourists stopping in front of your driveway every 15 minutes?


We stopped at an observation spot on the famous Mulholland Drive where we had a good view of LA and the Hollywood sign.


Day 3 was definitely interesting!  It was fun seeing all of the beautiful homes and checking out some of the places that I have seen on TV for so long.


Stay tuned for my last post:  The Petersen Automotive Museum, Malibu, and Manhatten Beach!
If you live in the LA area or have ever been there, what are some of your favorite places to go to?

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    WOW – Dr. Phil’s house is gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame and seeing the famous Hollywood sign is definitley on my bucket list!! Great pictures – thanks for sharing.

  2. 4


    Great pictures Jane! They really give me a great sense of BH and Hollywood would be like. Love that one of Andrew and the Samuel L. Jackson look-alike! I would have enjoyed seeing all those homes in Hollywood…that would be a must if I ever make it out there!

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