Cape Cod Potato Chips Giveaway

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I live in Massachusetts and have been buying Cape Cod Potato Chips for years. It is a pleasure doing a review/giveaway of something so familiar to me. I buy the 8 oz. bags for my family and the snack size chips for our lunch bags. To be honest, these chips are very addicting! I have a hard time putting the bag down! The chips are really crunchy with just the right amount of salt. I love that they also have a 40% reduced fat version of the chips as well, and they taste just as great!



July 4 marks the 31st anniversary of Cape Cod Potato Chips.  The legendary kettle-cooked chip makers have come a long way from the 200 bags a day they were producing at the Hyannis, MA factory in 1980 to the 184,000 bags small-batch made per day in Hyannis.  The classic chips have remained the same since the very beginning, except for a switch to 100% canola oil.

The trademark Cape Cod lighthouse on the package makes it easy for consumers to find among the other salty snacks.  Cape Cod Potato Chips retail around $3.49 for an 8-8.5 oz. bag.  Sizes, varieties and prices may differ among retailers.  Visit for more information.


Cape Cod Chips was featured on the Food Network’s show Unwrapped.  Check out this video!






Cape Cod Chips Original Flavor


Click HERE for the list of Cape Cod Chip flavors and nutritional information.



The folks at Cape Cod Chips sent me a box of their delicious chips and I want to share them with you!  You’ll receive the chips in plenty of time for your 4th of July celebration! One lucky winner will receive ten (8 oz. bags) of Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Sweet Mesquite Barbecue chips worth $34.90!  There is a mixture of regular and 40% reduced fat bags.

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, here’s what you need to do:


Mandatory Entry Visit Cape Cod Chips HERE, then come back and tell me what potato chips you would buy for you or your family.  If you’re feeling chatty, I’d love to know if you have ever been to Cape Cod!  Don’t forget to include your email address in the designated email box in your comment.

Optional Entries (eligible after completing the mandatory entry above) You can do any or all of the following for one extra entry each. Please leave a separate comment (below) for each that you have done.

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This giveaway will end on Sunday, June 12 at 6:00 pm EST. THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! It is open to the U.S. and Canada only. The winner will be chosen by and will be contacted by email. Please respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. To be fair to everyone, the comments not meeting the requirements will be deleted. Good luck!

*I received some samples of Cape Cod Potato Chips for the purpose of this review/giveaway.  The comments in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. 1

    Sarah J. says

    I’d love to try the Five Cheese flavor. I’ve never been to Cape Cod, but would love to travel there someday!

  2. 16


    I’m usually an original type of girl, but the parmesan garlic sound so yummy! I would love to visit cape cod one day.

  3. 22

    Sara Filler says

    I would like to try the Sweet Mesquite Barbeque in the 40% less fat. My family is trying to make healthier changes, but we gotta indulge sometimes:) And no, we’ve never been to cape cod. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to travel much!

  4. 23

    jengd says

    I follow you on GFC. Forgot… I’ve been out on the Cape but only for very quick trips and really only to Plymouth. It was qutie nice though.

  5. 32


    I would love to try the 5 cheese Cape Cod chips. I haven’t seen them locally. I already am a fan of the salt n’ vinegar and mesquite chips, as well as the regular ones.

    My husband and I honeymooned in Cape Cod 28 years ago in September. We rode the the little train, went swimming at a couple of the beautiful beaches. We’ve been back once since then; we took the boat from Boston to Provincetown and had lunch and spent the day. Hubby was stationed nearby for a couple of years when he was in the Air Force. My email address us

  6. 34

    Marilyn says

    I would like the reduced fat original. I love plain potato chips. Never been to Cape Cod but would love to visit — or at least eat the potato chips.

  7. 38

    Kimberly L says

    I would get the Harvest Gold, yes I have been to Cape Cod several times – its a beautiful place to visit

  8. 51

    Diane L. says

    I would like to try the Reduced Fat Original. Then maybe I wouldn’t feel so guilty about eating them! And, no I have never been to Cape Cod. The closest I’ve gotten was Philadelphia!

  9. 57

    Cindy B. says

    I would love to try the Sour Cream and Green Onion and the 5 Cheese. Those are my favorite flavors in potato chips. Sometimes I mix them together in one bag !!!!!!!!!

  10. 65

    Linda says

    I would love to try the parmesan and roasted garlic. The original is a favorite of mine. I also live in Massachusetts and love the Cape, although I have not visited in awhile. It is a beautiful place to vacation.

  11. 66

    Kimberly Turner says

    Sweet Mesquite Barbecue!! I am addicted to bbq flavor chips and I love kettle cooked chips, so perfect combination!! Never been to Cape Cod, though.

  12. 67


    I totally would buy the kettle cooked chips, as they would be perfect in my chocolate dipped potato chip cookie recipe! Yum.

  13. 71

    elissa says

    I would love to try the sour cream and onion. I take a small bag of the 40% less fat with my lunch to work every day!
    Living in MA I do love the Cape, but never made to the Cape Cod tour!!

  14. 74

    Stacey says

    I would buy the Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. I have never been to Cape Cod but would love to visit someday!

  15. 82


    I would love to try the Parmesan & Roasted Garlic Flavor.
    I have never been to Cape Cod. It has been a life long dream for me, being a Californian, to travel the Northeastern States and seeing all that history that I have only read about and seen on TV.
    royalegacy at gmail dot com

  16. 91

    Sue Klingseis says

    I would try the sea salt and vinegar. I have been to Cape Cod briefly twice. Being from California, I LOVE the cape and all of New England that I’ve seen. I really want to return to see the fall color.

  17. 126

    andalene says

    I would love to try the Sea Salt & Vinegar and bring my family the same. Either those or the 40% reduced fat chips.

  18. 128


    It’s so hard to choose. I have never tried this brand and would love to. I guess I’d have to choose sea salt & cracked pepper or the 40% reduced fat. They look delicious!

  19. 130

    DeeAnn S says

    I’d buy the “New” Harvest Gold. I love thick chips and these sound yummy. I’ve never been to Cape Cod. It’s on my Bucket List so I’m hoping to get there within the next few years (funds permitting!) cause I ain’t gettin’ any younger. 😉 Thanks.

  20. 131

    jeanine says

    i would love to buy the sweet and spicy jalepeno! (btw, i’ve never been to cape cod, but i have been to other great places in new england! bar harbor and acadia national park in maine are my faves!)

  21. 139

    ~kim says

    Never been to Cape Cod, but just returned from France & the Netherlands! I’d have to give the Harvest Gold Chips a try Jane!

  22. 145

    Rachel G says

    my husband has been a fan for years – I try to sneak in the lower fat version but he loves the original. Great fathers day gift!

  23. 146

    Amy says

    I would love to try the jalapeno and the harvest gold chip. I have not had the luxury to visit Cape Cod….would love to one day. I follow MAM on FB and will now follow cape cod. THANKS for all the great info.

  24. 149

    Anna says

    I love to try the new Harvest Gold chips.
    I have been to the cape and just love it. I just to live in Boston and we went down there on weekends.
    One of my favorite thing is to take the boat to Marthas Vineyard and rent a bike and bike around!

  25. 160


    I have never been to Cape Cod but would love to go. I would buy the sea salt and vinegar for myself, the sweet mesquite barbecue for my husband and the sour cream and green onion for my kids.

  26. 169

    Deborah Rosen says

    If I want to please everyone in my family, I’d stick to Original. But if it’s just me, I’d try out the Sweet Mesquite Barbeque first.

    I’ve visited Cape Cod twice; once for lunch (when I was visiting another area), and once, for a long weekend in the winter.

  27. 179

    Jessica King says

    I would buy the Harvest Gold chips for my family and I have never been to Cape Cod though I’d like to go someday!
    Sweet20j at yahoo dot com

  28. 180

    Julie Pittman says

    Wow – so many flavors – I’d have to narrow it down to Five Cheese, Harvest Gold or maybe Sweet & Spicy Jalepeno. They all sound so good! mpittman03 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  29. 188


    I have never heard of these chips before. When I’m in the chip aisle, I just go right to our usual brand, grab it, and go. I’ll have to look for these next time! My husband loves kettle chips. :)

    If my store carries the cheese flavor, I would definitely pick that first. Otherwise, the original would be my second choice.

    I have never been to Cape Cod. :(

  30. 195


    I would definitely buy the 40% Less Fat Sweet Mesquite Barbeque and the Sour Cream and Green Onion flavours for my family. Unfortunately I have never been to Cape Cod. Maybe someday! :)

  31. 203

    Caryn says

    I’m a fan of Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms and of Cape Cod Potato Chips on Facebook
    I love the 40% Reduced Fat Original Chips

  32. 204

    SandyN says

    I’d like to try the Harvest Gold.

    I’ve never been to Cape Cod, but have always wanted to!! Maybe someday…

  33. 221


    Sweet Mesquite Barbeque and i have never been to cape cod but i do love kettle chips and they sell these at gas stations around here, and ive bought them before, ive had the sea salt which sounds and is good, but id want to try the bbq ones too! :) ty! xo my email i listed publicly on my blogger profile

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