CHEFS Catalog Giveaway: AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Seed Kit

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It’s an AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Seed Kit!



Product Features

  • Innovative indoor kitchen garden for fast, healthy plants with greater yields and fruit sets
  • AeroGarden Ultra sets up in 5 minutes or less
  • Uses no soil and no pesticides and herbicides in liquid plant food
  • MyGarden control panel automatically manages all growing functions
  • 24-hour light cycles, with twice the light of the AeroGarden7 model — ideal for seedlings or enhanced plant growth
  • Twice the height of the original AeroGarden 7, adjusts to 3 heights to grow both tall herbs and lettuce at the same time
  • Easy QuickPlant settings or complete customizing of all major garden functions
  • On-screen clock for easy on/off light settings
  • New trellis system provides added plant support
  • Onboard GardenCoach displays timely gardening tips
  • Precision dashboard notes all critical garden details
  • Improved reminder system including audio alerts for nutrients and water
  • Starts healthy seedlings for also transplanting to outdoor garden
  • Improved lamp hood, reflectors and lamp arm for greater growth, easier adjustment
  • Includes gourmet herb seed kit (Genovese basil, curly parsley, chives, cilantro, Thai basil, dill, and mint)
  • 1-year warranty, 6 months on grow lights


  • AeroGarden ULTRA indoor garden
  • 3 MaxGrow grow lights
  • New, improved trellis
  • Free seed kit


I am in love with this AeroGarden!

Let me show you how easy it is to plant some herbs!

1PicMonkey Collage

After you plug it in, it will give you step-by-step instructions.  I used the Gourmet Seed Kit this time, so I programmed it for an HERB garden.


2PicMonkey CollageYou need to set the clock so the lights go on and off at your desired time of the day and night.


3PicMonkey Collage

I have well water, so I used distilled water.


4PicMonkey CollageThe plant food bottle tells you how much to use depending on how many plants you have in the AeroGarden.



This is what it looks like when you need to add the plant food every two weeks.  I LOVE this feature! 


5PicMonkey Collage

6PicMonkey CollageYou can put your own seeds inside the grow sponges or use already-prepared seed pods from a Seed Kit.


7PicMonkey CollageIt is best to cover the new plants with the plastic domes until the plant almost reaches the top of the dome.

8PicMonkey Collage

Here’s a link to all of the Seed Kits you can buy.

AeroGarden Seed Kits


9PicMonkey CollageHere are some of the AeroGarden Accessories you can buy at CHEFS Catalog.

The AeroGarden Herb ‘N Serve is used to make fresh herb dressings, vinaigrettes,  sauces and marinades. 

The AeroGarden Herb ‘n Save is used to preserve your fresh herbs by allowing just the stems to be in the water.

I’m looking forward to using both of these gadgets when I have enough herbs!



This is how my plants look today, on Day 16!

I have 3 Basil, 2 Parsley, 1 Dill and 1 Chive plant.

I can’t wait to cook with these herbs!


I am SO IMPRESSED with this AeroGarden!  It is so simple and fun to use!

I highly recommend it!


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If you would like to win the AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Seed Kit,

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(Open to the U.S. and Canada only.)

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Disclosure: I received the AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Seed Kit along with some AeroGarden accessories to facilitate my review. All comments are 100% my own.

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  1. 5

    Kristin says

    This is awesome and so great of you to give one of these away. It can help anyone grow their own herbs! Thank you for giving the opotunity for someone to win! I hope it’s me!

  2. 13


    Wow!How generous,my husband and my kids would enjoy helping me cook in the kitchen even more now if there is a gadget involved.What a great consept indoor garden!

  3. 14

    Harmony Poisson says

    OMG this is the indoor solution my daughter and I were looking for. We are avid gardeners and prefer to grow our own herbs but due to a divorce last year we ended up moving from a big house with a yard to an apartment with no outdoor space. Growing herbs indoors is tricky and I think I just fell in love with this product. Thanks so much for introducing it to us:)

  4. 15

    Shannon McLaughlin says

    Dill and chives would be great to have on hand. And cilantro! I would honestly love to have anything fresh with this.

  5. 25

    Tracy Melhinch says

    Oh my goodness, I really want to win this!! I would start with different herbs..but the ideas are endless!

  6. 32

    Renee G says

    I would love to put herbs in this. I love cooking with fresh herbs, but we have a short growing season outdoors.

  7. 34

    Paula Ball says

    I actually bought my daughter one of these for Christmas a few years back & she used it in her classroom at school. She uses it now to start her garden seeds and that’s what I would use it for , too.

  8. 38

    Wendy R. says

    Fresh herbs are so expensive at the store! I’ve been eyeballing this product for awhile now. I would love to have fresh basil and rosemary whenever I want or need.

  9. 40

    Charlotte Moore says

    I tried growing mint, basil, chives, oregano, and something else but can’t remember. It didn’t work. I was so disappointed. Would love to try again with this.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. 41

    Robin says

    This is so cool! I would start tomato plants to then be put outside, then I would plant some herbs, maybe chives, basil, rosemary…

  11. 48


    Awesome! I have looked at these in the catalog and decided I could grow herbs on my own. But this would be too much to have one of my own,


  12. 56

    Patty Jensen says

    As I am looking outside my kitchen window at the 8″ of fresh snow and listening to the wind blow I am drooling over the idea of not going outside today to get fresh herbs at the store. This is the PERFECT solution!

  13. 68

    Judy Petersen says

    I have a couple of raised beds but for herbs, I would love that fact that I don’t have to go outside in the rain or dark to get herbs and also I love that fact that neighborhood and/or my cats wouldn’t have access to my garden !

  14. 69

    Niki K says

    I would love this indoor garden for fresh basil and Cilantro! I hate having to use dried in the winter and have had no success growing indoors.

  15. 70

    Andrea W. says

    Oh yes! I’ve wanted one of these since they came out. My favorite things to grow would be cilantro, basil, parsley and thyme.

  16. 75

    Amy Honious says

    I would love to plant some thai basil, lime basil, regular basil and some flat parsley! Thanks for the very useful and tasty giveaway!

  17. 77


    Healthy recipes suggest using fresh herbs. The CHEFS Catalog Giveaway: AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Seed Kit would make that easy & do-able.

  18. 79

    Melinda says

    The AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Seed Kit would make gardening simple for a struggling gardener like me! This is a fantastic CHEFS catalog giveaway!

  19. 86

    Leanne Cobbledick says

    I noticed a tomatoe setting in the pictures you posted – I would love to see how tomatoes grew in it. That being said, I would probably use it on a regular basis to have fresh herbs!

  20. 108


    If I won this giveaway, I would definitely plant herbs in my garden!! I would so so so love to win this as we sadly don’t have many windows to put plants in front of. Thank You for giving one lucky winner one of these beautiful gardens!!

  21. 120


    I have a Spring garden outside. I have my Fall & Winter plants indoors. I have alwayss wanted to start a herb garden but I don’t know much about growing herbs. This would be perfect for me to an herb garden too. I love it!!!

  22. 121

    Rachel says

    Mint, cilantro, and tomatoes…if I can plant tomatoes at the same time as herbs…if not then mint & cilantro. Even if you don’t get the planter, consider investing in the herb saver. We use makeshift ones in our fridge. Well-washed, trimmed, and picked through cilantro and parsley can last 2 weeks in our fridge…I would imagine the hold time would be even longer for newly picked herbs.

  23. 123


    I would definitely like to grow herbs since then I could have them year round. I live in the Northeast and winters just go on for too long!

  24. 128

    Erika says

    Would love this for my father in law. He is sick and trying to eat healthy to save his live and He loves fresh herbs.

  25. 134

    DT Dave says

    Would LOVE To Plant Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Oregano, Chives, and Strawberries! I just started an Outdoor Garden last year in 2 Raised Container Boxes; Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Carrots, Radishes, Onions, Kohlrabis, Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Yellow Squash, Cucumbers, and Pumpkins! LOVE To Garden; Healthy Eating and Healthy Living! :) (y)

  26. 135

    Ruth B says

    I would live to plant herbs and stop spending so much on them at the store! I’d also love to plant some fruits and veggies!

  27. 157

    Sandy Cain says

    I would love to grow the sweet little grape tomatoes. I have no garden, I’m in an apartment, this would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. 165

    Gillian D says

    I could thing of so many things to plant here! Basil (LOVE the smell) cilantro, parsley…just to name a few. If this is one that can adapt to it, I’d love to plant romaine! Wonderful!

  29. 167

    Laura Singleton says

    Chives, I would probably grow chives 1st and then some cherry tomatoes after that who knows??? there are so many yummy options…..

  30. 168

    Jeanne Guernsey says

    That is so cool. We can’t grow plants outside where we live (way too short of a growing season), so this would be wonderful to have!

  31. 170

    Carri Cherry-Johnson says

    I would love to win!!! I’ve had the worst luck in the last few years planting outside… this would be awesome… thanks for coming up with such an awesome giveaway!

  32. 175

    Pam Hoffman says

    I have a ton of mint and rosemary in my yard, but have failed time and time again to get basil to grow. I would plant basil, thyme, chives, cilantro and oregano!

  33. 194

    April R. says

    I’d love to grow some fresh basil, chives and cilantro. Those herbs taste so much better when they are fresh.

  34. 210

    Carlene Hardy says

    We are moving into our new home soon. My husband is finally getting his kitchen. I would love to give him one of these for his birthday.

  35. 213

    Lynn says

    I would be nice to have fresh herbs when i need them and not have to go out to the market each time, or think a week in advance when i do the grocery shopping to pick up some herbs. it’s one think i can mark off the list

  36. 239

    Jean Whitaker says

    WOW!! And I thought I was good at container gardening—I sure could use this!!! Thanks for the chance to win one—Jean

  37. 244

    Patrick Speiser says

    I’ve been thinking of planting some Butterhead Lettuce in my yard.. got the seeds ready to go, just waiting for the weather to cooperate :)

  38. 260

    Mer says

    Wow, this looks amazing! Fresh herbs are just so much better, but I’m an utter failure at window gardening…one of these would be amazing! I’d love to grow basil, and some cilantro since those are the herbs I use most.

  39. 267

    Beverly Metcalf says

    I like cooking with different herbs and I would plant a variety of them in this garden, if I won. Thanks for having this contest.

  40. 274

    Rachel Ellis says

    I would love to plant chives! We can never find them in the stores here but I love them. I tried to plant chives outside here but the raccoons got to them.

  41. 276

    Jessica says

    I’d like to try and grow my own herbs. My husband grows all the big stuff outside, he’s the one with the green thumb.

  42. 281

    Morgen Walker says

    My husband and I both love to cook and enjoy using fresh ingredients. I would love to have an herb garden, but in a small rented house with three kids the space is not available. How wonderful it would be to have a compact garden like this and how amazing it would be for my kids to be able to observe the plants as they grow, and to see the plants that we get our herbs from instead of the jars.

  43. 292

    Angela says

    I am so excited to plant cilantro! I can’t get enough of the stuff! And it’s just not the same storebought. I would also plant spearmint, in memory of my grandma, so my kitchen can smell of her wonderful tea and I can think of her when I walk by. I’d plant oregano and basil for pasta night! And finally maybe a little catnip for our furry friend. I could dream all day about what to grow here!

  44. 295

    pamela love says

    I would start all of my herb garden in it. I always lose most of it to my backyard critters. Plus I would love to have fresh herbs all year long.


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