French Chicken Broccoli Supreme


Wow!  I have a yummy guest post for you today!  This French Chicken Broccoli Supreme comes from Jonna at Get Off Your Butt and Bake!  Be sure to visit her.  Her recipes and photos are awesome!

During the cold winter months, this is exactly the kind of dish I crave at dinner time.  I just had it tonight with my family and we devoured it!


This is really, honestly my favorite casserole type chicken dish.  I probably could eat it every night!  There are a lot of varieties of this recipe out there, but you have to try making this one with homemade sauce, and not canned soup.  It makes a huge difference in taste quality.  When I posted this previously, one of my sweet commentors asked if they could leave out the poppy seeds.  Sure you can . . . they simply add subtle taste, and make the crumbs looks a bit prettier.  You could substitute another veggie for the Broccoli, if you turn your nose up at Broccoli.  In fact, you could substitute ham for the chicken, and that would also be tasty.  I also want you to know that this re-heats quite well.  If you have leftovers, simply reheat in the microwave until it is hot and bubbly again.  Then turn on your broiler, and toast those yummy crumbs until they are crisp again.  Really good!




Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe with us, Jonna!




  1. Wendy says

    First of all, I would leave the poppy seeds out. That’s just me. But, since I am NOT a fan of string bean casserole, I can see me using this recipe and replacing the broccoli with string beans and enjoying it. I detest the traditional casserole. But, I’d also like the broccoli and I’d use the fried onions instead of crackers.


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