Giveaway: Ball® Drinking Mason Jars

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Disclosure:  I received Ball® Drinking Jars for the purpose of this review/giveaway. The comments in this post are 100% mine.

Check out the new Ball® Drinking Jars!  Don’t you love them!

1483401_643789369002389_964061752_n (photo credit)

I love the old-fashioned style, durability, and versatility!  To me, they’re not just drinking jars.  I can picture growing herbs in them near the kitchen window or filling them with treats for a gift.  You could use them to hold your spatulas or wooden spoons and place them near your stove.  The larger size would be great for fresh, picked flowers and they would be perfect for a 4th of July picnic or barbecue.  Check out the Ball® Canning Pinterest Page for drink recipes and decorating ideas!



One of my readers will win a 16-oz. regular mouth (set of 4) and 24-oz. wide mouth (set of 4) drinking mason jars!  Here’s a little info about the jars.


Product Features

  • 100% Made in America
  • Available in 16 oz. regular mouth and 24 oz. wide mouth sizes (lids not included)
  • These jars are not recommended for home canning.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used with Ball® Sip & Straw Lids, Ball® Plastic storage caps, or 2-pc caps for drink storage

Available at and Retailers Nationwide in Spring 2014

Ball® Corporation is not affiliated with Ball® brand canning products.  Ball® brand canning products, including Ball® brand glass mason jars, are licensed products of Jarden Home Brands.




Connect with Ball® Canning & Recipes!






**I’m going to run this giveaway the old-fashioned way.  Some people don’t like to use the Rafflecopter widget, so follow the directions below to enter this giveaway.

For one chance to win, leave me a comment about the Ball® Drinking Jars. (Be sure to include your email address.)

*A winner will be chosen by on June 10th at 4 p.m.  Good luck!







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  1. 2

    Allison L says

    Great giveaway and great website … you are one of my go to sites when I need something new to cook for my family. God Bless!

  2. 3

    Kelly says

    I would love these bc my 7 month old son’s name is Mason and it written on the jar! So cute 😉

  3. 4

    Christian Nelson says

    My favorite to drink out of! Reminds me of being a kid and canning fruit and preserves with my mom.

  4. 16

    Mary says

    I absolutely LOVE these & have wanted some for awhile. Would love to win them & use them all summer long (and beyond!)!

  5. 22

    Jennifer Colton says

    Love Ball Mason jars!!! I have been canning with my mom for over 35 years and using them for a “glass”…before it was cool to do so!!! Lol!!!

  6. 24

    Karen C. says

    I can see myself and my hubby sitting around the fire pit in the yard relaxing under the stars having summer cocktail. Both of us work 12 to 14 hours a day and this is how we try to relax and spend a little time together in the evening.

  7. 25

    Amy Roberts says

    Love these!! Reminds me of mugs my mom used for my dad when I was a little girl. Used to think I was so grown up when dad let me drink out of his. He passed away a few months ago, so seeing this picture brought back great memories. Thanks!!

  8. 28

    Ann M says

    I absolutely LOVE these mugs! I’m a Southern girl and these bring back so many happy childhood memories of my grandparents!

  9. 31

    Roxianne Higley says

    I’ve been canning since I was a child and my Mother would only use Ball canning jars. I would love a set of these glasses to remember the great times we had making Jams/Jellies and putting up fruits & veggies for the winter.

  10. 32

    rebecca Miceli says

    These bring back memories of my childhood, my grandmother used jars for drinking glasses all the time.

  11. 33

    Carrie says

    Love the mason jar mugs! Those would be great for any time but the 4th of July with a cool looking red, white, and blue drink in them would be so awesome!

  12. 44

    Alpa says

    i just know that Ball® Drinking Jars are Perfect for parties, home entertaining or as gifts, this Ball® mason jar glassware is made in the USA with the same high quality glass as Ball® canning jars but with a handle to make holding the jar much easier.

  13. 45

    Faith says

    Not sure why these jars are just so fun to drink out of…but they are!!! Any drink just tastes better somehow from jars.

  14. 46

    Sabrina says

    I LOVE mason jars!!! For some reason drinking a pretty drink out of one makes it taste so much better! 😉

  15. 48

    Amber Vaugier says

    My parents have a set like this and I’ve been wanting to get some of my own. I love them!

  16. 52

    Joanna Vanderkooi says

    I am loving the fact that Ball mason jars are making a cool comeback, so to speak, in a way other than as just canning jars! :)

  17. 53

    Cheryl C. says

    Love Love Love!!! So glad I’m a part of your blog & FB posts or I may not have learned about these great new glasses :-)

  18. 55

    Kristin Colburn says

    Ball Jars are iconic here in America and I am so glad they are still made here. Awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  19. 56

    Harmony Poisson says

    What a wonderful giveaway. Jars are all the rage this year and these are a must have for patio season!!!

  20. 57

    mrsshukra says

    So many uses for Mason jars, we cannot live without them! Classic glass that’s made in the USA, can’t beat that!

  21. 58

    Sally Crouch says

    Love the drinking jar sets! I’d take either one. They’d be great with some cold ice tea.

  22. 59

    tabitha p. says

    i wanted these for Mother’s Day buy my love couldn’t find them.
    I have been looking and wanting them for a while now!

  23. 60

    jo skidmore says

    Looking for plastic cup alternatives and I like that these have travel lid options

    jskidmoreca @ yahoo. com

  24. 62

    Anniegirl says

    These are adorable and useful on so many levels. Would love to get my hands on some. 😉 Cheers and Happy Summer!

  25. 64

    nataly carbonell says

    I’d love to own one of these jars, I’ve been seeing them all over pinterest! So cute!

  26. 66

    ellen beck says

    We loove using Mason jars, We like that they are easy to hold on to and are rugged and yet look fun. I also like that it’s easy to put a lid on them and even make it so you can use straws thru the lids now.
    Thanks for the chance!

  27. 76

    Charlotte Moore says

    I like jars and these with the handle are nice for drinks. I have little salt and pepper shakers that are jars with handles. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. 77

    Shelly Creeden says

    Love ball jars, they are all I use for canning. These drinking jars are awesome. Perfect for get togethers!

  29. 79

    momof5 says

    i saw these the other day in the store and LOVE them but was waiting for payday to buy a set! i can’t stand drinking from plastic any more (even if it says BPA-free). i bought the caps with straws to go with my canning jars at home and they fit great. but having handles on the jar would really make my day!

  30. 80


    These are awesome! I have one and I use a drinking lid for it. No more drinking out of plastic.. plus if you can find a drinking lid for it, it comes in handy. I keep mine on my nightstand and it prevents my cat from stealing a drink out of my cup!

  31. 81

    Mary Beth Elderton says

    These are great! My SIL has some of these, and I admit to being jealous. They look great on a country or BBQ table.

  32. 82


    I remember back when drinking out of jars wasn’t the “thing” to do, now it consider the “in thing” all thanks to these jars. Adding a handle make them even more trendier, they’re definitely here to stay! Love them!

  33. 84


    I love ball canning jars but the drinking glass the big one my boyfriends loves to drink out of it with the handle and dont have to fill up so much

  34. 88

    Marti Tabora says

    I love these, I can see myself sitting on the front porch drinking iced tea out of one. Thank you!

  35. 91

    Laura says

    I have ALWAYS wanted to have jars with handles to drink out of! I just know they’d be the hit of the party here in south alabama!

  36. 92

    sharonjo says

    These would be fun for sipping iced tea or lemonade on the deck or poolside or to take along on a picnic–or any time really. Thanks!

  37. 93

    Janetta says

    Love these. It reminds me of my grandma’s house and drinking lemonaide out of her small mason jars.

  38. 101

    Heather B says

    I love these jars! I have been wanting to try them but haven’t had the oppurtunity yet. Awesome giveaway!

  39. 106

    jennifer walker says

    The mason jars add a southern touch. I would enjoy drinking a refreshing iced tea in one of these this summer.

  40. 111

    Joan says

    I love Ball drinking jars and have a few of the regular mouth ones. I wasn’t aware they also make wide mouth ones. Great idea. I’d love a chance to win some. Thanks.

  41. 113

    Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I love these drinking jars. They are so cool. The handle is a big selling point for me.

  42. 118

    Sharon says

    These ball jars have summer written all over them. Perfect for mint tea and sweetened lemonade.

  43. 122

    Birdiebee says

    Ball is a product you can trust. These Ball Drinking Jars are the best and perfect for summer tea or lemonade just to name a few. I love these jars as they are they have a handle that makes it easy for me to drink from.

  44. 123

    Gina M says

    I have always wanted a set of these glasses.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  45. 124

    Bobbie Smith says

    I would so love to own a set of these Ball Drinking Mason glasses! I would be absolutely thrilled to have myself, family and friends to drink out of them.

  46. 125

    Connie Lee says

    I like the Ball Drinking Jars. We use to go to a restaurant that served their drinks in these.

  47. 126

    Erin Ellis says

    Oh I love these! They remind me of summers at my grandparent’s cabin! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  48. 127

    Sherry W says

    I love anything and everything about mason jar. They are so versatile!!!! Love love love them!

  49. 128

    Brynn says

    OMG these would be SO fun for drinking iced tea in on the patio on cool summer eveneings with friends :) !

  50. 130

    Veronica V says

    These are so cool. I would love to win these and I think my hubby-to-be would love them too.

  51. 131


    I’m surprised that they are not affiliated with one another since it isn’t normal that a corporation will allow any part of its name to be used by another. But, I’d love to have glasses like these. They’re far sturdier than the normal thin glass kind.

  52. 132

    Abigail says

    I feellike drinks taste more refreshing from Ball Jars! And Ive been seeing so many fun DIY ideas for crafting and decorating with Ball Jars – thanks for the chance to win!!

    abracadabra888 at gmail dot com

  53. 133

    Jodie Bang says

    love to make drinks ahead of time and pop them in the freezer using regular ball jars for summertime…these look cute

  54. 135

    Robyn B. says

    Love the Ball Mason jars. I use them for tons of things! These jars with the handles are adorable!

  55. 138

    Elizabeth S says

    I love these! We have a few close to this, but a set would be wonderful. Love the country feel and prefer glasses over plastic any day

  56. 141

    Debbie says

    They are way cool. I like the 2 sizes. I love the idea of herbs growing out of them too. Thank you.

  57. 142

    Amy C. says

    Love how these drinking jars have handles, less accidents! Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!!

  58. 144

    Marilyn Pack says

    Perfect for cold sweet tea, or any drink… them ! Thanks for the opportunity to win !

  59. 150

    laura lanham says

    My favorite thing is they have a handle. Makes holding them so much easier then holding just the jar when drinking from a Mason jar

  60. 152

    Larissa Miller says

    We would love these! I don’t have any of the cups, but I do use a mason jar for smoothies on the go. And my hubby’s grandparents used to have a set like it that he always liked.

  61. 155

    ms smith says

    Grew up with my mother canning in ball jars and would love to gave a set so my kids would know the dependably of ball jars.

  62. 156

    Lorinda says

    Love the Ball drinking jars~! So many different uses for them besides drinking. I also love the fact that they are made in the USA~!

  63. 157

    Bridget Bujak says

    I can just picture a garden party with my friend’s and all of us drinking fresh mint lemonade out of Ball® Drinking Jars

  64. 160


    I have been using ball canning jars for years as glasses. I use the little jelly jars for the kids. Survives many spills and knocks to the floor. Love them for all uses!!!!

  65. 161


    Love these jars! Will be looking for them in store… haha cause I never win these things haha! Anywho, will check you out on FB, too. Found you through Ball & Canning Recipes post from FB. Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. 162

    Helen Gellert says

    Just purchased some original blue glass jars from an estate sale. They will sit proudly with my new blue and green glass jars. Having these drinking jars would definitely complete the set. I would be blessed to receive them.

  67. 164

    Christen says

    I’m slightly obsessed with mason jars and love drinking from them, I would love to win these (they have handles :) )

  68. 165

    Terry Dover says

    I’d like to win these. I could make a bigger batch of diabetic friendly drinks for myself and not have to make a single glass every time. (Just told Thursday that my diabetes is cured, but I’m staying on my diet for it until I lose at least 20 more pounds, to be well in the safe zone.)

  69. 166

    Denise Mullhaupt says

    Ball drinking jars are a great touch of class for our back year get together with friends.

  70. 171

    Monica Washington says

    I started learning to can with my grandmother, at the age of 5 or 6. I’m now 51. I’ve had Ball jars in my home my entire life. I can’t imagine my kitchen cabinets without Mason jars of all sizes and shapes.

  71. 172

    Sandy says

    Those jars would be perfect for cold fruity summer drinks. The handle helps when the glass is cold and wet.

  72. 173

    Corissa says

    I love everything Ball! I have always wanted a set of mugs for drinking my favorite drinks. Always durable and very fashionable

  73. 175

    Donna Vernon says

    I love canning jars. They can be used for so many things, from canning, to storage , to drinking. I can’t live without my canning jars.

  74. 177


    We us old canning jars that can no longer be used for canning for whatever reason but when they sweat, it can make them slick and hard to hold, would love to win these!

  75. 180

    Mickey Hays says

    Anything in a all ball jar makes it better. I use ball jars everyday. We put strawberry shortcake in the diamond jelly jars. Popular dessert

  76. 181

    Miranda says

    Drinking of the jars reminds me of being at Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house. Happy memories

  77. 182

    Julie Woodring says

    I’ve been looking to get these, surprisingly I didn’t know they were not made by the Ball canning company. You really do learn something new every day.

  78. 185

    Cheryl Benzing says

    I could see myself and my friend sitting on the porch, sipping a beautiful mug filled with a cold gaspacho on a hot summer day. Watching birds and butterflies under my big tree in the back of the house, remembering our fondest times when we were young.

  79. 186

    Michele Crigger says

    Ball is the only brand of jars my granny ever used, I still have a few of her old blue ones tucked safely away in the china cabinet. I Love all the new things Ball is coming out with now. These Drinking jars would be perfect for our little country get together’s filled with Sweet Tea and Lemonade!

  80. 189

    Jennifer says

    I have been looking for these everywhere! My sister has some that are 20 years old they are quart size. I have looked at others but would rather have Ball!

  81. 191

    Deb Karns says

    Thank you for the wonderful contest. Would love to win these I have wonderful memories of drinking out of pint jars at Grandmother’s when I was growing up. Good luck everyone.

  82. 194

    Christy H says

    We use mason jars as drinking cups already, but I love that these have the handles, and come in different sizes.

  83. 195

    Julie D says

    Oooooo, I have been wanting these!! 😀 And it’s always nice to find products made in the USA!

  84. 197

    Nicole Flynn says

    I love Ball Jars. I have been drinking form a Wide Mouth Ball jar that is who-knows how old (circa late 70s I think) I love the handles. I went to Ball State University and yes named after the same Balls.

  85. 198

    Donna says

    I LOVE All Things BALL… have drank from wide mouth jars since before they were cool… and made in the USA what more can u ask for. . so have a BALL!!!

  86. 199

    Teddi Dunson says

    I am sooo glad Ball came out with the 24oz glasses. My last large glass, was the Golden Harvest drink jars from many years ago.

  87. 200

    Deborah Blowers says

    Years ago I had some ball drinking jars but they got broken when my boys were little. How I’d love to have another set to use when my boys and their kids come home!!

  88. 202

    Tammy Vigansky says

    I would love to have these in my newly re-modeled kitchen!! They would fit perfect, just perfect in there! I have curtains for my lower cabinets instead of doors…an old fashioned white porclein they would fit perfect in there for sipping on some sweet tea!!

  89. 204

    Denise says

    Love these jars I would so use them to make cookies in a jar to give to friends, they make the cookies them have the jar for there milk.

  90. 206

    Cheryl Sauls says

    Another great addition to the Ball products line! I have a few of the older Ball drinking jars.
    My grandfather always drank his iced tea out of a Ball mason jar, he would have like these also. I will have to add some of these to my collection of Ball products. So happy that canning season 2014 is here :)

  91. 207

    Paula Costa says

    Perfect! Was just thinking yesterday I need to get rid of all the plastic glasses (worried about BPA and all)I have a get a good sturdy glass for my family.

  92. 208

    Rose says

    Having drank out of Ball Mason Jars for years I love the handles for glasses, the only way to drink sun tea!

  93. 214

    Tonoa says

    I so love mason jars. You can use them for everything from drinking out of to planting herbs in them. I would love to have these. It reminds me of home.

  94. 215

    Shannon says

    Love the easiness of these glass jars. I’m excited to find the straw lids to finish them.

  95. 217

    Trish says

    Have loved them for years, however, the ones I hadhave disappeared, evidently others love them too.

  96. 219

    Shannon says

    I would love to have these as they remind me of my grandma’s house and drinking her homemade lemonade in them on hot summer days

  97. 220

    Amy says

    I would love to have these. We use ball jars for water and Ice tea bottles all the time using the lids keeps any unwanted “friends” out of our drinks and the drink doesn’t end up tasting like plastic or metal. A handle would make it even better!

  98. 222


    Those are so cute! My mom makes “redneck wine glasses” by attaching a mason jar to a glass candle stand and sells them at her church fair.

  99. 226

    Kristen v. says

    I would love to have these glasses they remind me of the canning my grandmother and uncle who are no longer with us did. I”m trying to carry on the tradition and these would be a Wonderful reminder of them

  100. 229

    Julie Funkhouser says

    These would be great for drinking sweet tea out on the porch. These are amazing….I love them!

  101. 231

    Karlye says

    I think these are the perfect glasses for summer! My husband and I just saw these in the store and we said how perfect they would be for his man cave.

  102. 232

    Rhonda says

    These remind me of when I was younger! My mother would use one of her giant mason jars (sans handles) to brew tea out in the hot fl sun, then when it was done, we’d throw ice into some of the quart sized ones to enjoy the sun brewed tea!

  103. 237

    tamera gumkowski says

    omg i love these , my sister used to work for ball glass and i had the reg. ones and loved them ! the only thing that would be better is the wide mouth! woo hoo ! we also had 1/2 gallon pitchers with them i still have 1 of those . wish they had those again ! Everything is better in glass !

  104. 238

    Sarah C says

    These are great. I remember my mom having them when were growing up. So sturdy, I’m glad to see they’re still around!

  105. 240

    henrietta singleterry says

    Ohhh i love these. would definitely get used for everything at my house and match my salt/pepper shakers.

  106. 247

    Margie McClurken says

    These would be awesome to start my herb garden on my kitchen ledge. Love them! Also love your site!!! (Seeing it for the first time but I will for sure be using it for dinner ideas)

  107. 249

    Elizabeth says

    I would love these. Nothing like bringing back the good old days of iced tea in a jar. <3

  108. 253

    Lisa G says

    Love these glasses! Would be so much easier to drink from than the regular jars. Great new way to make my iced coffee :)

  109. 259

    Allison S. says

    These are so cute, and they would be great for summer BBQs.
    allisonslupski at gmail dot com

  110. 262

    Jean Whitaker says

    These will be great for summer “cake for 1” mug recipes —salad in a jar for lunch on the deck that you made ahead–going to be great to win!! Love your site and come here often for ideas–thanks for the give aways—you always have good ones! Jean

  111. 266

    Claire D says

    I love these. They’re useful for so many things. Right now I’m using a set of the blue non-drinking jars to keep my jewelry organized on my shelf. But I could use them as vases, or salad jars, or just to drink out of. Fingers crossed and thanks for the giveaway!

  112. 273

    Krystal says

    I love mason jars! They are the center of my decor in my house and I use the for absolutely everything! I would love to have these as an addition to my collection! I’m a mason jar addict!

  113. 277

    Cyndi Berger says

    When I saw these I had a flash back to my childhood of root beer floats and sun tea with mint…mother had these and I loved them so I would love to share this with my girls

  114. 278

    Dana says

    Love these drinking classes! Would be a perfect addition for the head table of my outdoor rustic barn wedding!

  115. 280

    Lindsey says

    I love the Mason jar drinking glasses! They remind me of my grandma, she used to let us drink from them when we were young. Now my kids could have the same memories with their grandma.

  116. 286

    Jessica E says

    For some reason as a kid we had one Ball jar. We would all claim that it was our jar to drink out of and no one else should be using it. It became almost a race to get it then whoever had it would coinveiniently forget to have it washed after dinner so it was still “theirs.” It became a family game of sorts.

  117. 290

    Dorci Templeton says

    I think these are so cute and would look great out on the deck this summer during BBQs!

  118. 292

    Samantha Judware says

    I love these mason jar mugs!! I have slowly been changing my decor and furniture over to a country style. These will go well in my kitchen. :)

  119. 293

    Ashley B Smith says

    This would be a great idea for my sister in laws country themed baby shower! She’d love it! They make for classy country look and go great for any occasion!

  120. 296

    Ashley Dwyer says

    I love these jars they are great to serve homemade salad dressings in when hosting a dinner party!

  121. 298

    Krista says

    I love those Mason jar cups! So summery and cute! I will fill them with ice cold lemonade and sit on my porch swing and enjoy!!

  122. 302

    Taryn T. says

    I am a teacher with three children and a really busy life! I am looking forward to unwinding this summer, and spending time with my family. These masons just say- put your feet up on the back porch, sit for a spell in the rocking chair, relax after a family meal, drink a lemonade, and watch the kids catch fireflies!!! I need that!

  123. 306

    Katie says

    I love these and they are so cute with patterned cupcake paper to keep the bugs out of your cocktail!
    Happy Summer!

  124. 308

    Kimberli Bean says

    Love these jar glasses!! I grew up with a mom, grandma, aunts, etc who all canned, so we had jars everywhere! I love that they make them with handles now! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  125. 313

    Paula Cook says

    These jars are great for putting salads in the day before and taking them to work for a healthy lunch. I love your recipes you post.

  126. 315

    Jaclyn says

    I love these drinking jars! Love mason jars period! I use them for anything and everything I can think of!

  127. 316

    Kirsten says

    These would be so handy, especially as I’ve only just learned that the regular-mouthed Ball jars are supposed to fit in my blender -so convenient for smoothie season! (I haven’t tried it yet, as all of my jars are wide-mouth.)

  128. 317

    Sherry says

    I love all Ball jars but these drinking mason jars make me definitely think of summer! Birthday is next week & I am moving into a new house so these would be PERFECT!

  129. 319

    Johanna Neal says

    I just love mason jars!! Always have. I remember my grandma using mason jars, when all the family would get together, for drinking glasses. I had some but when we moved they were damaged. Broke my heart.

  130. 320

    lissa crane says

    I have never seen these before with the handle but I love the idea of serving iced tea on our patio in these! Love the regular mason jars, so these are like the upgraded version!

  131. 325

    Darlene Owen says

    Mason jars remind me of my mother, she alway used them to can with. When I was a child I would come home from school and have to help her can tomatoes and peaches and Mason jars is what she always used.

  132. 326

    Darlene Owen says

    Mason jars remind me of my mother, she alway used them to can with. When I was a child I would come home from school and have to help her can tomatoes and peaches and Mason jars is what she always used.

    My email was on the form to fill out but I am not sure if I was supposed to add it also, so here it is I forgot it on my previous post, so you can delete the one above.

  133. 328

    Jean Messer says

    I love using jar for glassware. I drink from them on a daily basis. I would love to own the drinking glasses.

  134. 329

    Amy Lumley says

    I would love to win these! My 8 year old son drank out of a mason jar at his grandma’s and thought it was the coolest thing ever–made him ‘countrified!’

  135. 331

    Sheila says

    I haven’t seen them in person. But, I am already in love! I would love to have some for my house, when we move in of course!

  136. 333

    Lisa says

    I love them. I have two now and would love to have more. I use mason jar for everything Thank you for a chance to win some.

  137. 334

    Rozann Clayton says

    I’ve never used these before, they are so cute though. I would love to add this to my favorite cups/mugs.
    Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  138. 335

    Tyffani BixbyPerry says

    I love canning jars, and these Ball drinking jars are perfect! They can be used for everything! That little handle will make it easier to use as a dish for some make ahead meals and that means less dishes to wash! Haha :)

  139. 337


    There is nothing like drinking sweet iced tea in a mason jar. It makes me feel nostalgic drinking out of them at my grandma’s. She had the mason jar cups with the handles.

  140. 338

    Garlynn Malcolm says

    I absolutely love these jars grew up with them and have two or three now ball drinking glasses have been so hard to find

  141. 339

    Pamela Gardner says

    We only have 1 in the house and it is my daughters. And if anyone use it she gets very upset.It is her favorite glass.

  142. 343

    Mary Williams says

    i would love to have these. i think they are so neat, and would be way better than my mismatched glasses i have now.

  143. 348

    Wes Hovorka says

    I love drinking lemonade out of these jars during the summer. Thanks for the giveaway!!! whovorka at yahoo dot com

  144. 350

    Jessica H. says

    I love these drinking jars. I have one that I don’t know where it came from, but I have a reusable top with a straw that make it so great! I use it at work all the time for iced coffee, and water. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com


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