Giveaway: Ball® Heritage Collection Spring Green Jars & Lids

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1000Heritage Collection Green Pint and Quart Lifestyle HR

When I think of  Ball® Canning Jars, it brings back memories of making jam, salsa, and pickles on warm summer days when the local produce is at the peak of freshness.  If you’re into canning like me, I think you’ll be excited to check out the new limited edition Ball® Spring Green Heritage Collection.

Available in both Regular-Mouth pint and Wide-Mouth quart, these jars celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the “Perfection” jar, the next iteration of the Ball brothers “Perfect Mason.”

The new Heritage Collection jars feature a period-inspired green color with embossed logos on the front and back and maintain all of the modern standards for quality and reliability. BPA-free and 100% made in America, the Ball® Heritage Collection Spring Green Jars are the perfect addition to a canner’s collection!


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Jarden Home Brands would like to give one of my readers a set of 6 Ball® Heritage Collection Pint Jars  and a box of green Ball® Designer Series Lids With Bands!



Aren’t they nice?!



They’re perfect for canning, crafting and gifts!

Check out this Pinterest Page for some great ideas for gift-giving!


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If you would like to win a set of

six green Ball® Heritage Collection Pint Jars 

and a box of green Ball® Designer Series Lids With Bands,

enter on the Rafflecopter widget below!

(Open to the U.S. only.)

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  1. 13

    Louie Lynn Wirth says

    I would use half to make mason jar tumblers and apple butter in the other half. These jars are so cute!

  2. 14

    Tracy Richard says

    These are so cute! These would be perfect for any canning, but my homemade apple cider vinegar would look so cute in these!

  3. 17

    Joan says

    I love to can but hardly have the time anymore. I think I would use these for drinking as we love doing that and green is my favorite color. But should I get a chance to can maybe some pickles would look nice in these jars.

  4. 19

    Terri C says

    I have a special pickle recipe that would be beautiful in these! But I’d probably have to use a couple to put something in to sit on my counter so I could enjoy them.

  5. 30

    Virginia Rowell says

    The I Love You To Pieces jar is really cute. But with the jars being green, I think I would use them at Christmas and make the M&M poem jar.

  6. 32

    Jeannette T. says


  7. 33

    Charlotte Moore says

    I would probably just use then to store things in. I have really gotten into using jars for brown sugar, grits, anything really.

  8. 41

    Rebecca Avery says

    I have lids that make jars into sealed drinking cups so my kids would want that. I would make extracts in them because they are tinted

  9. 50

    Sharon O. says

    I would give these to my son’s girlfriend, who would make peach jam from the peach trees in their back yard (and hopefully share some with me!). Last year I gave her a case of the blue jars and hope to continue the collection with each new color that Ball releases. Thank you!

  10. 54

    Amy Honious says

    WE grow 3 types of grapes and every year I make my famous Mixed Grape Jelly, so I would definitely put these jars to good use! Thanks for such a very nice and extremely useful giveaway!

  11. 55

    Lily Sheng says

    I’ll mostly use these jars for baking. Just learned a tip that you can prop half a grapefruit on a Mason Jar lid to make broiled grapefruit!

  12. 56

    Robyn B says

    I would use them to grow herbs in and put them in my kitchen window over the sink. Since that window faces east, the glow of the sun rays through the Spring Green glass would be gorgeous!

  13. 74

    Nicole Clawson says

    I pickle everything so these would be great. I’ve seen people do candles in jars too. That’d be neat to learn

  14. 80

    Blanche says

    These are nice, million things to do with them besides canning. Glass jars make great storage for dry items like flour,sugar, raisins etc. Would love these.

  15. 86

    Susan H. says

    I would make some pepper relish. Or decorate with these. Love the color. Thanks. I got the blue jars last year.

  16. 89

    Alisha Hodges says

    I would learn from my mom how to can pickles, okra, etc., because it’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time, but I’ve yet to collect the materials to do so. These jars would be a great start, and they’re quite lovely as well as being handy.

  17. 90

    Misti says

    Oh so pretty! Love the green. I would love to store some special foods in the green ones. Hard to decide which. Might have to make them the carry alongs.

  18. 100

    Mer says

    These are so pretty! I’d keep out a jar or two to make salads to take for lunch, as a bit of spring green would definitely brighten the work day. As for canning, these do deserve something special…maybe pickles!

  19. 101

    Stephanie says

    I would decorate with these. I have a lot of clear ones for canning, but this color is gorgeous and I would want to put them out in the house to enjoy them, and not stick them in the pantry!

  20. 110

    Lauren Watson says

    I am loving these green mason jars. I would use them in my craft projects, maybe use a few as flower vases!

  21. 112

    Kristin Colburn says

    I have not canned anything yet, but planning my garden now and want to can some salsa and green beans this year! Green beans would look beautiful canned in these jars!

    Thank you fo offering the chance for one of us to win a set of these!

    Good luck everyone!

  22. 113

    Betsy Barnes says

    I like using these for iced tea, they would be great for salads to make for the week, especially when the farmers market opens. :)

  23. 116


    I would use these beautiful jars as a piece of art to cure my Spring Fever-filled with flowers, salads, chicken noodle soup,layered desserts and then drinks! The jars would be great for my Grandson’s 1st Birthday on St. Patrick’s Day!

  24. 120

    Stephanie O (The Simplified Home) says

    I would use them for salads for lunch, pasta salad and veggies. My uubhy would make salsa or spaghetti sauce.

  25. 129

    Sherry W. says

    I have been saving a lot of soup bones in the freezer to make some homemade broth. I never thought to store broth in canning jars but I have seen it on several blogs….genius!!

  26. 133

    Kelly says

    Love the green color and they will be perfect as now that we are receiving Plant City Strawberries in our area, I have just learned to make strawberry jam and I will need more for when my sister comes down and we move on to making blackberry and blueberry jam.


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