Giveaway: CHEFS Turkey Roasting Pan & Grease Separator

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I have a great Thanksgiving giveaway for one of my readers!


CHEFS Catalog is giving away this CHEFS Essentials Stainless Roasting Set and CHEFS Grease Separator!


 CHEFS Essentials Stainless Steel Roasting Set


Product Features
• Mirror-finish 18/10 stainless-steel exterior and interior for exceptional cooking and presentation of meat or poultry
• Extra deep pan well to collect savory juice and cook vegetables
• Rolled-rim allows dripless pouring of juice
• Stainless-steel roasting rack extends the full length and width of the pan to accommodate and elevate large roasts above juice
• Offset pan and rack handles for balanced lifting
• Set of 2 turkey lifters with barrel-style handles and pointed-tip tines to pierce and transfer up to 30-lbs. of meat onto a platter
• The heavy-gauge roaster is also ideal to use as a lasagna pan or casserole dish


CHEFS Grease Separator


Product Features
• Grease separator is mess-free and foolproof
• Perforated lid strains fats and food particles for smoothest, healthiest gravy
• Easy-release lever on the handle directs flow of grease-free broth through bottom opening into bowl or sauce pan
• Perfect for straining pan grease from beef roasts or baked chicken
• 4-cup plastic measuring cup indicates ounces, cups and liters in 2 oz. increments
• BPA-free
• Dishwasher-safe; hand washing is recommended
• CHEFS signature professional-grade cooking tools are meticulously crafted and tested, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in the kitchen


This roasting pan and rack feels nice and solid. I’ll be using it when I roast a turkey and when I make a big lasagna to feed a crowd.


I love that the handles are raised above the pan so you can get a good grip on them with your oven mitts.


 These turkey lifters are a MUST on Thanksgiving Day!


The Grease Separator is easy to use.  Just pour the gravy over the top so it can filter any unwanted bits from the pan.


Let it rest for a few minute so the grease rises to the top.  Then hold the Grease Separator over a pan and squeeze the handle letting out the gravy from the bottom.  Release the handle before the grease is ready to come out.


 CHEFS Catalog has a whole line of Thanksgiving CHEFS Essentials.  Check them out!


Would you like to win the

CHEFS Essentials Stainless Roasting Set


CHEFS Grease Separator?

Enter on the Rafflecopter widget below!

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*I received a CHEFS Roasting Set and Grease Separator to facilitate my review.  All comments in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. 4

    Sue Ellison says

    Yes I am hosting. I cook everything, turkey, ham, dressing, candied yams, broccoli.rice casserole, numerous desserts, too much to list.

  2. 5

    Terri says

    I always have Thanksgiving at my house! Desserts are my favorite and I am making pumpkin pie and apple, pear and cranberry crisp.

  3. 9

    Nicole-Lynn says

    What a great review and it looks like wonderful, well made products. Yes, my husband and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner at our place this year, which we are very excited about. We’re newlyweds and we don’t have a roasting pan set yet, so this would be wonderful to have. Thank you so much for hosting and for the opportunity.

  4. 11

    Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    Not this year, we are going to travel to FL to spend time with my husbands family

  5. 13


    we are having turkey, dressing, gravy, yeast rolls, broccoli casserole, macaroni & cheese, deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, fried corn, cranberry sauces, congealed cranberry salad, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and pineapple sheet cake

  6. 14

    Jen Julien says

    Yes I am hosting family & friends for thanksgiving dinner. It will be a busy day for me because I volunteer at a non profit org to help cook & serve food as well. I could really use this roaster, I’ve never had a roaster I’ve always used the flimsy disposable ones.

    • 14.1

      Jen Julien says

      Ops forgot to say what I’m cooking! Turkey, homemade stuffing (grams recipe), mashed potatoes, veggies, homemade cranberry sauce, rolls, gravy, 2 different pies!

  7. 15

    Christina Tong says

    I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year and I will cook turkey, creamed corn, grilled vegie and sweet potato.

  8. 16

    Kristi C says

    I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year. We will be having turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, hashbrown casserole, and pumpkin pie.

  9. 17

    Robin says

    My husband and I are having Turkey Day at our house for about 25 family members. We will be making the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a ham (my hubby wants that!). Everyone else will bring a dish to share…

  10. 18

    Charlotte Moore says

    We will be at our son and daughter in laws. I will make mac and cheese, cole slaw, sweet potato souffle and not sure if I will make a dessert. There is always too much.

  11. 19

    Virginia says

    I’m waiting to hear if Thanksgiving dinner is at my house or if we will take the meal to grandparents who have been unwell lately.

  12. 21


    I have always cooked all the Holiday meals. Most of the family has past away. So this year I will be hosting and cooking for the church Thanksgiving dinner. I love cooking and entertaining and this will not only make me happy doing what I love, but it will benefit all the people who have no where to go on Thanksgiving. I even have a driver’s to pick up anyone who would need a ride to the church or drop off meals if they can’t get out.

  13. 22


    Heading to my brother in laws for Thanksgiving, I will be making my cranberry apple pie, mashed potatoes and a pumpkin pie made from my own pumpkins!

  14. 24

    Jean whitaker says

    Oh man!! I have been saving for 1 of these for forever. With our large family it would be so nice to win one. Thanks for hosting this give away and I sure wih every one good lu–‘specially me. lol

  15. 28

    Ann Fantom says

    No, we will be going to my in-law’s house for Thanksgiving this year. I’ll bring a pumpkin pie and wine this year

  16. 32

    Ann K says

    Our family is way too large so we have individual family meals then all meet at one house for dessert. That way we can all sit together at a table in out own homes and then go eat sweets being all together.

  17. 33

    TawndaM says

    We will be making the usual Thanksgiving meal for us… Turkey, stuffing (both in bird & not, because there just isn’t ever enough just from the bird…), homemade rolls, fresh candied yams, etc… oh, & the cranberry sauce that will probably be forgotten in the fridge, again… lol

  18. 35

    Ellie W says

    My family always comes for Thanksgiving. Besides turkey and ham (we have both) I’ll make dressing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, rolls and gravy. Haven’t decided what desserts to do this year yet.

  19. 39


    Not hosting this year. But I will be making pies to take to our daughters home. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.I hope you will stop by Katherines Corner and enter my Gobble Gobble giveaway too

  20. 41


    We host every year and make all the fixins’. We tend to have a lot of guests we don’t know. As for my favorite dishes, we will have green bean casserole for sure!

  21. 42

    Maureen says

    No I am going to a relatives. But I make the Pumpkin Crisp each year. (We make this instead of pumpkin pie).

  22. 44

    kesha says

    I will be eating Thanksgiving at my Mema’s house, but I will be taking some baked goods. I like to take pecan pie, sweet potato pie, and a cake made to look like a Turkey. All of the kids love the Turkey cake!

  23. 45

    EMMA L HORTON says


  24. 46

    bunkie says

    no, not hosting this year, but am making a turkey with all the trimmings for family. potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans, squash, all from our gardens. and a BIG grassfed turkey! awesome giveaway!!!

  25. 50


    We’ll have the traditional foods this year – how can you improve on turkey, green beans, and mashed potatos and gravy. Don’t forget the deserts!

  26. 52


    my cousin and his wife and me and my husband are having our first “alone” thanksgiving as two couples. We both moved away from family and are relatively close to each other. I know we are doing a turkey,but other than that we still need to plan it all out. :) I guess that is what happens when we are all so young still.

  27. 54

    Carmen S. says

    I am not, I am going to my parents house and we are celebrating as a family there. I am bringing the mashed potatoes and a desert :) Thanks for the chance!

  28. 55

    apple blossom says

    We don’t live by family so yes thanksgiving will be here at our house.

    usual Thanksgiving table spread…
    turkey and dressing,
    sweet potatoes, green been casserole, and the rest

  29. 56


    We do host Thanksgiving at my house and we always have a traditional meal of turkey and cornbread dressing with with sweet potatoes, corn casserole, brussels sprouts, fruit salad, relish tray and several desserts that include a german chocolate pie being the favorite!

  30. 58

    Libby Leatherwood says

    I am not hosting this year, but have for the last two years. I will host again next year… We do cornbread dressing, turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, cranberry salad, corn casserole and many other items!

  31. 59

    carol says

    I will be hosting the holiday with my family, but will be doing it at my daughters house since it is larger….will make some pumpkin pie

  32. 61


    Yes I will be cooking the tradional Thanksgiving dinner, including homemade stuffing, fruit salad, pumpking and pecan pie, to name a few things.


    OOPS! Left an “m” off of the website on my first comment, sorry!

  33. 63


    I’ll be cooking at our house for our family, my parents and some friends. Turkey, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes and chocolate pecan pie are the mainstays!

  34. 65

    CarolH says

    I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my husband and me. We will have brined turkey, stuffing, pilaf, cranberry salad and several desserts. Looking forward to it.

  35. 66

    M says

    I am hosting, though I’m still finalizing the menu. Turkey, of course, along with stuffing, mashed potatoes, my family’s traditional brussels sprouts dish…

  36. 67

    jo says

    No, fortunately we don’t have to do dinner at our house, but each year we bring the turkey and my infamous potato casserole.

  37. 69


    We have Thanksgiving every year at our home for our family. We are now changing some of our traditional side dishes to “lighten them up” for those who are now dieting or have diet restrictions. The gravy and turkey, however, remain off limits!

  38. 70

    Stephanie G says

    I will be hosting for my family and my parents. This may be my father’s last Thanksgiving to travel. I will be making all of his favorite meals, and as a surprise, my girls made a thankful video for him. Thank you for this chance, and I want to wish the best of luck to everyone. I have never owned anything this nice for cooking…it would be a treat!

  39. 72

    Chrissy Nestor says

    I am and I am going to make all the traditional Thanksgiving meals, can’t wait!

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  40. 73


    I use to go to my parents’ place for Thanksgiving and they prepare everything. This year, my parents are not hosting. So, I’ll be going to my In-Law’s place but my In-Laws normally don’t cook, not for Thanksgiving, at least. So, I’ll be the one in charge of cooking instead. :) This roasting pan and grease separator would come in handy!

  41. 76

    Karen Tolman says

    We are hosting the holidays at our home this year! I do not have a roasting pan or any of the amazing items above! This would be such a blessing for us, esp me :) I will also be doing stuffing, carrots, onions, rolls and many pies. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  42. 78

    Mary Somerville says

    Yes, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I will make the turkey, and dressing. Also the Mashed Potatoes and gravy, Pumpkin, and Pecan pies.

  43. 80

    Kathy Eyre says

    Yup, my house! We’ll have all the traditional stuff…stuffing, turkey, sweet potato, pumpkin pie, yeast rolls…

  44. 81

    carol roberts says

    yes ill be hosting this yr ill be getting the turkey deep fried and ill make the dressing homeade coconut pie pecan pie and lord only noes

  45. 83

    Khanh says

    We’re far away from family this year, so I’ll likely just roast a chicken instead of a turkey, but will make the traditional sides to go along with it! I love homemade cranberry sauce and stuffing and gravy!!!

  46. 86

    Yesenia says

    My sister is hosting Thanksgiving, I will be hosting Christmas but this will definitely come in handy. For Thanksgiving we make Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato dish, potato salad, green salad, pumpkin pie, apple pie etc

  47. 89

    Beth says

    I am! I will be making a turkey (with the help of the Pioneer Woman recipes!), sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, lots of other things… It’s going to be great!

  48. 90

    Terri S. says

    We will be making Thanksgiving dinner at our house for our 2 grown kids & 2 grandkids. My cousin & her family will be joining us. Hubby will make the turkey (I love turkey!) and roasted chestnuts. I’ll make the yams, peas, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. My cousin is making a spiral sliced ham and coconut custard pie. Yummy! :-)

  49. 91

    Connie Bolick Lee says

    We have a small family. I will be roasting a chicken, and having mashed potatoes with cheese on top and a few more sides. We like apple pie with ice cream for dessert.

  50. 93

    Andrea D. says

    I have my little family of 5. I make the turkey, stuffing (actually dressing), gravy, rolls, acorn squash, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and apple pie. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  51. 95

    Linda Greene says

    Yes, I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. On the menu is Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, mac & cheese, pumpkin pie and oatmeal raisin cookies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. 96

    Kelly D says

    Yes, we wil serve Thanksgiving dinner at our house, Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, string beans and maybe stuffed mushrooms.

  53. 97


    We got a free turkey form Winco the other day so I guess we are having turkey- I would love to have a deep fryer, It is so so so good that way.

  54. 104

    McKim says

    It will just be my husband and I for Thanksgiving, with the usual menu – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole and of course pumpkin pie.

  55. 106

    Vicki Bowers says

    Oh yes the family will be coming to the house. Along with cooking the turkey, stuffing, I am responsible for a mouth watering Pineapple Casserole. Due to health issues I am keeping the menu low sodium

  56. 107

    Pauline M says

    I don’t sponsor our Thanksgiving, we still go to Mom’s house for this, but we all help out where we can!

  57. 108

    Kelley F says

    Thanksgiving is always at our house. I make turkey, vegetables, sweet potatoes, stuffing, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie.

  58. 111

    Carlene says

    I’m doing Thanksgiving for my family this year! Just a standard turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce but always delicious!

  59. 119

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Yes! For the first time in several years, we will be hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at our home this year. Because this meal always involves the “co-mingling” of several sides of various families – we always try to accommodate as many of our different family traditions as we can so that everyone feels happy and fulfilled (and well as stuffed!)

    Consequently, to a certain extent we will do “pot luck” so people can bring some of their specialties – like dressings/stuffing, cranberry sauces/relished, potato and sweet potato dishes, desserts…

    But for our part we will be roasting a Turkey, making two stuffing/dressings: 1) Sausage, Sage, Wild Mushroom and 2) a Swedish, apple, onlon, celery, raisin herb stufing; two variations on Cranberry Sauce / Relish, Gravy, Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sherry & Maple Syrup, Brussel Sprouts and I think I need to lie down and catch my breath just thinking about it all!!

  60. 123

    april yedinak says

    I am hosting Thanksgiving and I will be making the turkey, stuffing, vegetables, gravy, yeast rolls and chocolate pie. My mom is making the mashed potatoes (because she does them best) and my sister is bringing the sweet potato pie.

  61. 125

    mary fanara coleman says

    Not hosting but I am making broccoli rice cheese casserole, baked beans with sausage, and apple pie to bring to families house.

  62. 128

    kim lazor says

    Yes, I will be cooking, but just for my own crew. I will probably just do the traditional thanksgiving fare, nothing too fancy.

  63. 129

    Katy M says

    We’re headed out of state this year to see our families! I can’t wait! I’m in charge of the pies (as usual).

    I will be doing Christmas here, though.


  64. 130

    Candace M says

    I am not hosting thanksgiving this year. I am going to my in laws and bringing pasta salad and mac and cheese

  65. 131

    gigi says

    We’re just having a couple of friends over this year. No turkey – but we’ll be enjoying Tofurkey (which is surprisingly delicious), mushroom gravy, all the usual side dishes, and a ton of desserts!!

  66. 135

    Maria alvarado says

    I will be spending the time at my family’s house. If I can get away with it, I won’t be cooking. LOL. Since my daughter wants to be a chef, this will be perfect for her.

  67. 140

    Karen Gonyea says

    I am not hosting this year, but will do the majority of the cooking….I will do mostly traditional recipes.

  68. 141

    Sarah Hall says

    I am not hosting this year as I am taking all my children and grandchildren out to dinner. We will come back to my house for desserts. I plan to make a cobbler and a chocolate creme dessert.

  69. 142

    Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    we will be having it at our house. Turkey and scallop potatoes along with pie and other desserts
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  70. 150

    joni says

    Thanksgiving is the holiday that we stay home and I cook for us. I’ll have a stuffed turkey breast with smashed potatoes and gravy, candied sweet potatoes, veggie medley, dinner rolls, Pecan Turtle pie for dessert.

  71. 151

    Kelly H. says

    I will not be hosting this year. I am expecting a baby any time in the next few weeks so I do not want to take that on right now.

  72. 155

    Michelle J. says

    We will be at my parents’, but dinner I’d a combined effort between my mom and I. We ate making cranberry sauce from scratch, roasted cauliflower, homemade baguettes. wild rice stuffing, baked sweet potatoes, green bean almondine, and turkey, of course.

  73. 156

    Deana C says

    I am hosting Thanksgiving. I will be making a turkey, all different vegetables, mashed potatoes and a sausage stuffing!

  74. 159


    We do a huge family potluck at mother in laws to which we bring deviled eggs, pumpkin roll and something else. Due to lack of leftovers we come home and make a smaller family dinner that is turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and several sides yet to be determined.

  75. 163

    michelle jonassen says

    Yes, we host every year. We will have turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, deviled eggs, cheese and crackers and who knows what else :)

  76. 165

    Aaron Bretveld says

    I am not hosting thanksgiving this year. I would be willing to bring a dish but my aunt/uncle don’t want us to contribute at all.

  77. 168

    Teresa Thompson says

    I am hosting but everyone is bringing sides and desserts. My husband is making a ham, deviled eggs and pumpkin pie.

  78. 172

    Michele Baron says

    Yes…I am making Thanksgiving dinner here….turkey and all the fixings, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and pumpkin bread

  79. 173

    Vikki Billings says

    I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year and am making; turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, greenbean casserole, deviled eggs, stuffing and two pies!

  80. 175

    Lynde F. says

    Yes, I host this year! We are having my husband’s famous Maple Turkey, mashed potatoes, pecan glazed sweet potatoes, party potatoes, sausage cornbread stuffing, oyster bacon stuffing, green bean casserole, honey glazed carrots, corn, broccoli salad, homemade yeast & pretzel rolls, homemade apple, pumpkin, & pecan cheesecake pie-whew;) Not to mention all the munchies & such beforehand–can’t wait!

  81. 176

    Tina says

    I host every year for family and a few friends. I make all the dishes. If people bring anything it is usually drinks.

  82. 182

    Michele L. says

    Dinner’s at my house, but I’m just cooking the sides… garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and maybe a kahlua cheesecake

  83. 183

    Stephanie says

    Yes! I am hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at my house. We plan on cooking a Turducken for the first time this year! We’ve never had it before so we hope it turns out great! Along with other favorites, Mac & Cheese, Dressing, Cranberry sauce, green been casserole, potato candy, ham, and fried okra!

  84. 184

    Laurie Emerson says

    I am hosting Thanksgiving this year with family and some of the single Airmen in my husband’s unit. We are going to have turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, asparagus, rolls, stuffing and a lot of pumpkin, cherry and apple pies.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  85. 185

    Laura Proctor Unger says

    Yes, I am hosting this year. I’ll be making the pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato casserole.

  86. 187

    sandy says

    Not this year. We will be heading to my mother in laws and then my mothers house!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

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