Giveaway: NEW Rachael Ray 3.5 Qt Covered Rectangular Casserole

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I have always wanted to try Rachael Ray’s stoneware, so it is such a pleasure to do this review/giveaway!

Did you know that there is a new shape for Rachael Ray Stoneware?  This Rectangle dish joins square, round and oval in the wide assortment of shapes in Rachael’s glossy, beautifully sculpted and durable oven to table stoneware. The new 3.5 Quart Covered Rectangular Casserole ($49.99 suggested retail) is available now in Orange, Red, Purple and Green.


I absolutely love these handles! You can get a nice grip on them with your oven mitts!


I don’t have too many casserole dishes that have covers, so this is a definite plus for me.  The lid fits perfectly in place.  No gaps for it to move around.


This 3.5 qt. casserole dish was the perfect size for my bread stuffing on Thanksgiving Day.  I baked it with the lid off so the top browned nicely and then covered it to keep it warm for my family. A lot of family members commented on how it is a great-lookin’ casserole dish!


I LOVE THIS BAKEWARE!  Now that I’ve tried it, I want more pieces! Did you hear that Santa?


Check out all the different sizes, shapes, and colors of Rachael Ray’s Bakeware at  It’s not too late to add one of these dishes to your Christmas list! :)


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Rachael Ray 3.5 Qt. Covered Rectangular Casserole?


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*I received the Rachael Ray casserole bakeware for the purpose of this review/giveaway.  The comments in this post are 100% my own.


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  1. 17

    Malerie C. says

    I have a yellow bubble and brown that I got as a gift a few years ago. I like the blue color better though :)

  2. 20

    Wendi says

    I do not own any, but it certainly looks interesting! :-) Red would go perfect with my country kitchen decorations!

  3. 25

    Christine Lanmon says

    I would love to win the orange casserole dish. I love the bright and cheerful color and I make a lot of casseroles.

  4. 28

    Lora says

    I love this design! The handles give it a great look. I don’t own one yet, but it’s on my list now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 30

    Valerie says

    I just love the shape and design and the color is awesome! I could make some awesome things in this for my 4 boys!

  6. 35

    Lucy says

    I don’t own any Rachel Ray bakeware. I sure would love to own this. it’s a gorgeous piece. I’d love it in red please. Thanks.

  7. 37


    At the age of 36 I am just now learning how to cook (because of a lifelong physical disability). I would love to try this bake ware. The handles are genius!

  8. 42

    Michele B says

    I am forever challenged in finding bakeware big enough to cook for my family without using 2 pots. This would do it! Looks amazing!!

  9. 43

    Elaine S says

    I have been looking at these and thinking how nice it would be to have one of these. Winning one of these would be a great Christmas present. Thanks for the chance.

  10. 44

    Kayla H says

    I do not own any of her bakeware, but I have always wanted some because the ideas on a casserole dish is totally awesome. Not sure I have a favorite color, they are all so pretty! :)

  11. 45

    Lynette Bauer says

    I’ve always seen them but have never purchased one for myself. I love to cook and it’s so much better when you have nice things to cook with:)

  12. 46

    Jan J. says

    This single mom hasn’t any budget for this nice cookware but I sure would like to try it out! I love the purple!

  13. 47

    alyce poalillo says

    I do not have any Rachel Ray’s cookware but have wanted it. My kitchen is black and red so like the red cookware

  14. 50

    jengd says

    I haven’t tried any of her bakeware but I really like the shape of this casserole and I’m with you- I LOVE that it has a lid! I think the red is my fav.

  15. 56


    Definitely red. I would love bakeware that could go from the oven to the table. Nothing I have is pretty enough to want to do that.

  16. 66



  17. 75

    Emly says

    I love these! The color would match my kitchen perfectly. Actually purple would match, and red, and blue…I love the handles! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win!

  18. 80

    Charlotte Moore says

    I do not have any of her cookware. I sure do like the shape of this one. I wish it came in PINK. HAHA!!!

    Thanks for this chance to win.

  19. 82

    Stephanie says

    Well, I LOVE purple so I would have to have the purple dish even though it would totally clash with my kitchen! :)

  20. 83

    Jean whitaker says

    Oh My—I haave watched her for forever—and I would love to win this or any other dish from her—She is AWESOME!!!

  21. 85

    Maureen says

    I do not own any of her cookware. I have been tempted a time or two though to purchase when I have seen her on QVC. I like the red or the blue colors.

  22. 89

    Ann Fantom says

    I don’t own any Rachael Ray bakeware, but I have a set of her pots and pans. I like the orange bakeware

  23. 98

    dawn says

    We go to a ton of potlucks and I would love to have one of RR pieces! I love that it has HANDLES and a lid. I’m not picky about colors, they’re all pretty.

  24. 100

    Tiffany S says

    No, I don’t own any but I’d love to try them! I would prefer red or green to go with my current colors in my kitchen.

  25. 102

    April Yedinak says

    I don’t own any of her cookware, but I want some. My favorite color is the purple, even though it doesn’t go with anything in my kitchen.

  26. 109

    carol says

    I really dont own any of her items yet…but would love to win this…I think the red colored items are real nice

  27. 110

    Vickie Alford says

    I do not own any of Rachel Ray’s cookwear but I did buy the Oval baker in orange for my mom. I wish I had bought it for myself! My mom is not a big cooker but she loves that baker and uses it frequently. If I were to get my own, I think it would have to be the purple. :)

  28. 112

    Patty Jensen says

    I don’t own any of her cookware, but would love to start a collection. I would love the red one the best.

  29. 114


    I don’t personally own any RR cookware, but my daughter has many pieces in a vibrant yellow. I would love to have this casserole though for myself!

  30. 118

    Libby Leatherwood says

    I don’t have any of her bakeware but would love to have one in either red or orange!! Thank you.

  31. 128

    Wendy - SJerzGirl says

    I love porcelain and china for baking. So easy to clean!! I want these so badly! Green or purple.

  32. 131

    Connie Lee says

    I don’t have any Rachael Ray Cooking pieces, yet. I think the color green would work best in my kitchen.

  33. 135

    Mer says

    I don’t have any Rachel Ray cookware, but it sounds like it’s as useful as it is pretty. I really like the green.

  34. 141

    Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    No, I don’t own any Rachael Ray Bakeware (yet), although I do own some RR cookware. I like the purple and the green the best. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. 153

    Rita Ann Williamson says

    I do not own any Rachel Ray prouducts but would love to own the red ones. I just adore the color red and my kitchen is red. Thanks for giving away this product. If I had the money I would have bought this particular one because of its size.

  36. 170

    Peggy says

    I own one item of the Rachael Ray cookware, not bakeware and it’s the stockpot with the orange handles….love it! I’d love the red color in the bakeware!!!


  37. 174

    Kim Getchell says

    I don’t own any bakeware, but I do own the Rachael Ray cookware, and LOVE it! I would love to try out the bakeware, preferably in purple!

  38. 179

    Jessie says

    I kind of have a casserole obsession. Something about casserole dishes is endlessly fun and fascinating! Green would match my other dishes. :-) I am also intrigued by the space in Rachael Ray’s dish to use the handles while wearing a pot holder. That sounds fab!

  39. 181

    Jill Cooley says

    I got to of her bowls for Christmas two year ago and this orange dish would go right with them… Love them.
    Merry Christmas

  40. 185

    Debby says

    I don’t own any Rachael Ray products but would like to. My favorite color is purple but any of them would be nice to have.

  41. 190

    Terri S. says

    I do not own any of RR’s bakeware but always wanted some when I see her using it on her show. I like the orange color. :)

  42. 196

    MAbel watson says

    I am always taking dishes to different affairs, and this dish would be perfect!! I love it and I also love her recipes!!

  43. 197

    Joan says

    I don’t have any of Rachael’s bakeware yet but I love the look. Red is my favorite but I like all the other colors too.

  44. 217

    Allison (allie lanc on rafflecopter) says

    No, but we’ve always admired Rachael Ray’s Bakeware/Cookware!
    I love the purple!

  45. 219

    Rachel J says

    I love the yellow bubble and browns I have- but I have my eye on the newer shapes and colors!! Love the orange and purple.

  46. 222

    Monica Flegg says

    What a vibrant design ….form, function, fabulous! Thank you for a chance to win this Rachel Ray
    covered casserole.

  47. 225

    Karen M says

    I don’t own any Rachel Ray cook/bakeware but I would love to have some of the pieces. All the colors are great but my favs are the orange and purple(eggplant) colors. Thanks.

  48. 226

    brenda says

    i don’t own any rachel ray… as a matter of fact, i downsized considerable for a recent move and have NO cookware :)

  49. 227

    Cameo McBee says

    I am a big fan a Rachel Ray, I don’t own anything by her; it is pretty expensive. I have wanted one so bad and the color I would love is red.

  50. 244

    Marlene says

    I go to lots of pot lucks where I would love to have a beautiful 3.5 Qt Covered Rectangular Casserole by Rachel Ray to bake and serve my dish in. I can just hear the comments on this piece of bakeware. I do not own any of hers yet, but I think it may be time to start a collection. This would be a great place to start, by winning.

  51. 297

    Heidi says

    I would love to win this covered baking dish. I love the colors and I have one of her enamel cast iron pots that I adore.

  52. 316

    beth says

    I don’t own any RR cookware, but have been looking at it recently. I would love a purple one…my favorite color,even though it doesn’t match my decor! haha

  53. 328


    I got the 2 pack of bubble casseroles last Christmas. I absolutely love them! They cook well and wash very well! My favorite color is the purple


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