Giveaway: NEW Wüsthof 3.5-inch Full Serrated Paring Knife

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Disclosure: I received the Wüsthof 3.5-inch full serrated paring knife. The opinions in this post are 100% my own. 2013-8-27 20 47 7
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I have a thing for Wüsthof knives.  They’re solid, they perform extremely well, and they last a LONG time.



I really love this new paring knife!  The serrated edge is super sharp and the handle feels like it was made just for me.



I used this knife recently to make some homemade salsa.  Seriously, it worked better than my chef knife.



The serrated edge is a real bonus.  I cut up my jalapenos in record time!



Cutting up tomatoes is a piece of cake!  When a knife cuts this good, it is actually fun to use!


Product Features

  • Scalloped edge with micro-serrations cuts through the tough exterior of small fruits and vegetables without crushing the soft interior
  • Parer micro-serrations allow ultra-close peeling of produce
  • Shaves only the outer skin, leaving more flesh intact
  • Precision-sharp point quickly pierces skin or rind, stems and allows pinpoint accuracy to create garnishes or appetizers
  • Forged from a single piece of high-carbon steel, tempered to 58 degree Rockwell for durability
  • Precision hand-honed edges are incredibly sharp and easy to maintain
  • Computer-controlled grinding and polishing yields precise tapering of blade
  • Special alloyed steel resists stains and rust
  • New Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) has increased sharpness by 20% with twice the edge retention
  • Completely hygienic, impact-resistant polymer handle is buffed and polished by hand
  • Ergonomically designed handle offers a smooth, comfortable grip for either hand
  • Handle secured to tang with 3 distinctive stainless-steel rivets
  • Patented inner ring anode prevents rust around the rivets and along entire tang
  • Signature bolster/finger guard accounts for the solid balance and control
  • Embossed with the Wusthof logo
  • Hand wash
  • Lifetime warranty


I highly recommend this knife!  I know you would love it.  It will be used often in my kitchen!  :)



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  1. 9

    Jeffrey says

    This knife would come in handy cutting up vegetables from my garden! A sharp knife is safer than a dull one!!

  2. 10

    Cheryl says

    I have been wanting to find a new brand of knives to try and get a new set–mine will not stay sharp at all. so this would be great to win and try.

  3. 11

    Charlotte Moore says

    It looks like a very good sharp knife. I would like to win to give this brand a try. I might even save it for when the next grandson gets married. Everyone needs a good kitchen knife.

  4. 13

    Peter G says

    I’d like to have a quality knife for use in preparing food. I could slice things without tearing them.

  5. 16

    SandyN says

    Most of my knives are cheapies; I have 2 really nice ones and this one would be a great addition! Looks like a great knife!!

  6. 21

    Em Ma says

    I’d love to win this knife because my current knives are so dull and I need a new one. Hubby would not be allowed to use this one!

  7. 22

    Sharon O. says

    I’m getting lots of tomatoes from the garden these days. Looks like this knife works perfectly for slicing and dicing them, something a lot of knives don’t do well. Would love to win it! Thanks for the chance.

  8. 24

    CarolH says

    My husband was gifted with a Wüsthof chef knife last birthday and now…nothing else will do. Thanks for offering the give-away.

  9. 26

    Carrie says

    I want this knife becaue it looks amazing. Most of my knifes came with the knife block we got for our wedding 9 years ago, so I think it might be time for some new ones & this one looks great

  10. 32

    Melissa K says

    Plain and simple my knives I have are junk!! This knife looks wonderful and I would love to try it out—seems like such a luxury product! Who would have though?? Thank you!

    • 33.1

      faleen says

      Sorry i clicked too soon and could not figure out how to go back and finish properly. What i was trying to say is the following:

      I have a couple of Wüsthof knives that i have used for years and love, They are terrific quality and good hand feel. Except for a bread knife, i do not own a serrated edge knife at all and this would certainly make food prep i.e. smooth skinned items such as tomatoes, so much easier for me. Thank you for your consideration.

  11. 40

    Jeanne Guernsey says

    My sister was just asking her friends on FB what the best brand of knives is and most people responded with Wusthof. I would love to start replacing my old knives with good ones. This would be a great start!

  12. 41


    I’ve wanted Wustof knives forever. Mine are just the $10 set from Walmart and they are not very good – cooking would be so much more fun with a nice knife or two!

  13. 43

    Rachel S says

    I have a very limited knife selection and many of them are practically useless! I would love to have a Wusthof knife!

  14. 44

    Beth S. says

    I’d like to win because my husband loves Wusthof knives! My parents have sent some for Christmas and we use them all the time. He’s always saying he’d like more of them. It’s a great brand.

  15. 45

    Laura says

    I <3 cooking and could really use a new knife. My dull knives that were my Mama's can't even be sharpened anymore :( Time to start building a new set and this would be the perfect start!

  16. 47

    Jan W. says

    I would LOVE to win this so I can say I have a “real” knife! And it has a lifetime warranty! My mother had a Wustoff paring knife for many, many years. I wish I had taken it when she passed away. That was her favorite knife and I”m sure it would be mine too!

  17. 50

    Millie McClave says

    I collect knives and have hundreds but have only one paring knife. It’s a really good one but would like to try this one out to see how they compare.

  18. 63

    gina lovejoy says

    Its not for me. My son and daughter in law are in need of a quality knife. Like so many life has been on the less side both work I know sob story but they are hard working that’s why

  19. 66

    Dorothy Teel says

    It would be great to have a great knife in my kitchen and not a discount store special. This knife would make my job so much easier.

  20. 67

    Karen D says

    I really need a good paring knife! My husband steals them from my knife rack, and uses them for things like spreading butter, serving peanut butter, and opening envelopes. If I win, I promise to hide it from him!

  21. 68

    Margot C says

    Oh I adore that knife. I cook and prepare food every single day and with two vegans in the house I cut vegetables all of the time. A serrated paring knife would be fantastic.

  22. 70

    Harrison Hamada says

    the CORRECT high quality knife for the task is extremely important. I do have a wusthof grand prix, but I don’t have a paring knife that is serrated yet

  23. 72

    Valerie S says

    I have a lot of paring knives, but lack a really good one. This would be great since all of mine are dull and don’t get sharp anymore.

  24. 73

    Justine McD. says

    I would love to win this because my knives are all really dull and almost 8yrs old now. I’ve been trying hard to cook almost exclusively at home and using dull knives has been a pain.

  25. 75

    alyce poalillo says

    all my knives are old and not the best quality and I have wanted a really good set for a long time so this would be a great start.

  26. 84

    Lorrie Rodgers (pinklady705) says

    I need a good quality, sharp knife. I don’t feel safe using the knives I currently own.

  27. 100

    Tracy says

    My Wusthof tomato knife is the most-used knife in my kitchen, largely because it’s serrated. But ta serrated paring knife would definitely find a place!

  28. 101

    Robin Wilson says

    I love the size of it! With my hands being arthritic, it would be so much easier to hold than other knives I have. Love that it is serrated!

  29. 102

    Lynne says

    I’ve finally learned that one good knife is better than a drawer full of dull, poor knives. Good knives are expensive . . . I would love to try one of these. Thank you for the giveaway and the opportunity to participate.

  30. 108

    Chase smith says

    Id love to win this knife because i just bought my first home and im trying to buy everything i need to fill all rooms the kitchen being my number one priority

  31. 109

    Debra Guillen says

    I’d like to win because my current paring knife doesn’t have the serrated edges and has seen better days

  32. 121

    Alycia says

    I would love to win as my paring knife stinks – I definitely need a new knife set.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  33. 123

    Betty says

    my good paring knife went missing last week. If it went in the trash, then it’s gone. Menawhile I would love to adopt this wusthof paring knife as a replacement.

  34. 125

    Tamar says

    My knives are old and don’t really cut well.

    p.s. it would be great to add links to your rafflecopter entries, like the requirements to follow on Pinterest and Google+

    p.p.s. 1+4 is 5 but your blog form rejected that answer :(

  35. 126

    Kathy Davis says

    When you have been married for 37 years new stuf is a blessing. I would love a new paring knife. I can’t even find my old one.

  36. 127

    Amy L says

    I use a paring knife pretty much every day, but I’ve never bought a good quality one. I have a Wustof chef’s knife which I like very much, so I’m sure I’d be happy with this paring knife.

  37. 134

    Kathy Mayer says

    If I win this knife, I will give it to my sister-in-law. I was recently visiting her home and poor thing had no sharp knives. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. 138

    Stephanie Hirsch says

    I’d love to win so that I can have a good quality knife for when I’m cutting apples, or tomatoes, or something on the smaller scale. Sharp knives help too, lol.

  39. 139

    Risa Golding says

    I have been looking for a serrated paring knife, I clean out a lot of small peppers – mini bells and jalapenos and other chiles and this would do the job quickly. I am getting sick of the paring knife i have (it is getting dull even though I sharpen it quite often).

  40. 141

    Sam Stamp says

    I would love to win because we could use a good quality knife in our kitchen! Especially a paring knife which is the knife we use the most often in our kitchen!

  41. 152

    Anne says

    I love Wusthof knives! This looks like a great cross of a regular paring knife and a tomato knife – handy for everything!

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