Giveaway: Oxo Good Grips 5 lb. Food Scale

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Hey foodies!  I have a fun giveaway for ya from OXO!


This OXO Good Grips 5 lb. Food Scale is so light and easy to store in the kitchen!


I love the pull-out display feature!  Now, whenever I put a large bowl on the scale, I’ll be able to read it better!


If you need to weigh something in a bowl, you just need to press the zero button to offset the weight of the container.


You can measure in US or Metric increments.  I have several baking recipes that are in Metric, so a food scale is a must in my kitchen.


Potatoes come in all sizes, so I need to weigh them for a few recipes that I have.


The scale runs on 2 AAA batteries (which are included) and the platform can be removed and washed by hand.


Scale Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7.9” x 5.65” x 1.1”
  • Weight: 16 oz.


I love this scale!  I’ve been using it to help me control my portion sizes.

It’s going to get a lot of use in my kitchen!


If you would like to enter this giveaway, here’s what you need to do!


Mandatory Entry: How would this scale help you in your kitchen?  Don’t forget to include your email address in the designated email box in your comment.


Optional Entries (eligible after completing the mandatory entry above)

You can do any or all of the following entries below for one extra entry each. The only thing you can do once per day is tweet the giveaway! Please leave a separate comment (below) for each that you have done.


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*I received an OXO Good Grips Food Scale from OXO.  The comments in this post are 100% my own.


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  1. 1

    Amanda Munhollon says

    I follow you on F B already & I liked O X O on FB too. I would use this scale to replace my old mini scale(non digital) only weights up to 1 lb. To continue to help me control our portion sizes & help us make larger batches of dishes so I can freeze them for future consumption.

  2. 2

    MommaMary says

    I would weigh the shortening for frosting instead of using a measuring cup. Not only more accurate but nothing to wash, just toss the wax paper.

  3. 31


    Lovely! Many of my recipes, especially in baking, require exact measurements. This would definitely be a great help to have around the kitchen. :) I love that pull out feature.

  4. 32


    It would help me control portion sizes … I’d love to be able to measure meats because it seems we’re eating larger portions than is recommended.

  5. 35

    Christina Tong says

    It would be a great help to me for weighing my baking ingredients as exact measurement is required on many of my recipes. I also love the pull-out display feature. What a nice scale! Great giveaway!


  6. 43

    debbie says

    This would really help me make better bread. I don’t have a scale so I have to measure everything. This would be more accurate.

  7. 45

    Charlotte Moore says

    This scale would help with recipes that do not give the measurements in cups or ounces.


  8. 50

    cassie says

    I was JUST telling my husband I need one of these. I can’t remember what for, but he agreed. This would def be good to have.

  9. 69

    Megan says

    I LOVE the pull out feature – I’m always trying to balance things on the back of mine so I can see the numbers.

  10. 78

    Lisa KH says

    This scale would help me with better measurements when I’m cooking and baking. I’ve always meant to pick up a scale but just have never gotten around to it. Right now, I just estimate with my eye and the weight it says on the ingredient’s package.

  11. 87


    I so need one of these! I have a scale that is not as accurate or easy to use as this one, and it doesn’t work with some types of food. I love to bake bread and use a scale every time I need to measure out water, so I could use this in my breadmaking efforts, plus I think it would be helpful for counting calories too. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. 88


    I would LOVE one of these for measuring food portions better, which means a healthier family! It would also be great for make-ahead freezer meals.

  13. 99

    Kathy S says

    My son is getting married in a year and I’d like to watch what I eat. This scale would help with that.

  14. 103

    Roni says

    I liked OXO on Facebook, followed OXO on Twitter, followed Jane on Twitter, Like Make Ahead Meals of Facebook, I would love to have this to use on my home baking business I have to label every package of treats I make and sell.

  15. 104

    April V says

    I’m always guessing at recipes that use ingredient weights being I don’t have a scale. This would come in handy!!

  16. 106

    Kellene K says

    Im a baker by trade so I’m used to scaling everything out, this would help me be able to do the same at home since I like to be exact with measurements… Thank you for the oppurtunity!

  17. 114

    Lisa says

    I would love to have this scale! I have been trying to lose weight and have been using an old scale to weigh my food, but I fear it is not measuring very precise anymore.

  18. 125

    Kesha says

    Oh I have been needing avkitchen scale! I could use this for several things. I would use this for measuring ingredients while I am baking. Maybe then I would get more consistent results in my baked goods.

  19. 131

    robin says

    We buy ground beef and other meats in bulk, and it would help us to package them up in consistent weights…

  20. 138

    Tina F says

    My daughter and I are going back to healthy eating and we need to weigh our food to do this I lost weight on this before ALOT and now my scale is broke I could sure use this one

  21. 141

    Tina F says

    “LIKE” Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms on Facebook. ——-I liked on FB Tina Curno Fougere-Autism

  22. 144

    Tina F says

    Subscribe to my blog via email and never miss a post! (You’ll find it at the top of my sidebar.)——-I subscribed tina(dot)

  23. 156

    ikkinlala says

    This would be perfect for baking – both for ingredients and for weighing out dough so the finished stuff is the same size.

  24. 162

    Cat says

    I have wanted this scale for my kitchen for awhile now…so hard to guesstimate when cooking nutritious food for your family, and keeping a food diary per physicians orders! Thanks for the opportunity! Cat

  25. 166

    RisaG says

    I need the scale for measuring out my baking ingredients. I have begun to bake vegan and also GFree a bit and the substitutions I need to make need measuring.

  26. 175

    JourneysofTheZoo says

    Like you, portion control. My husband and I have both lost some weight and want to keep it off!

  27. 179

    JourneysofTheZoo says

    I follow you on Google+ (JourneysofTheZoo).
    Just read IN BOLD that it’s open to Canadians. Sorry!

  28. 181

    Kona Lynn Sankey says

    Mandatory Entry: I’d love to have a scale… I could start baking more from recipes instead of using store-bought mixes

  29. 196

    Sara Voges says

    This could help me soooo much in my kitchen, from baking to cooking!!!! I’m trying to be healthy and would love to be able to weigh portions!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!!

  30. 197

    Dianne Slama says

    I have a small scale but it would be so much handier to have a larger one especially when making jams.

  31. 198

    Lorrie Howe says

    This is the year that i plan to eat better/healthier and lose some unwanted pounds. As I am getting ready to start a diet, the I would use the scale to help me with my diet. I would be weighing portion sizes of meats, and other things to help me stay on track with my diet.

  32. 211

    Colleen D says

    Well I would use it as you say you are for portion control but also I have recipes that are in weight measure and don’t have a scale that does that. My scale is so antiquated that it can measure for portion control but it is so old and it one that you adjust that it is not always that accurate. I have been looking to buy a new one but being unemployed for the past 8 mos. I have just never been able to find the extra funds for it.

  33. 221

    Stephanie says

    I have never used a kitchen scale before, but always wanted to. My wonderful mother-in-law (amazing cook and baker!) has always recommended one for my baking.
    mrshud at cox dot net

  34. 230

    Dawn says

    Just found your site, love it! I don’t have a scale in my kitchen, but I know I would use it more now that I’m a stay at home Mama and I enjoy cooking and dabbling in making my own homemade body products. I look forward to your posts and all the wonderful tips!

  35. 236


    having the scale would have keep things more accurate when figuring nutritional values and I LOVE the pull out front display!

  36. 242

    Laura says

    Today is my birthday! And in preparation for my birthday I’ve been measuring my food and eating healthy. I’ve lost 12 lbs. This scale will not only help with my recipes but it will help me measure my food so that I can record accurate amounts of meat and pasta and stay on my healthy track!

    Love anything that makes my life easier, like this website, because it helps me be a better mom!

  37. 243

    Cindy H says

    My husband has health problems so this scale would help measure out the portions he’s to eat.

  38. 261

    Tammi Moore says

    This scale would help in my mission to lose a lot of extra weight. I have always had a hard time losing weight my entire life. Now I have a renewed confidence that I can do this and I NEED to do this for my kids, my family and most importantly my health. It really is a matter of life and death!! If I won this scale I would be able to lose the weight by portion control the correct way. Thank you for the chance to try and win!!

  39. 264

    Mary Beth Elderton says

    This would be so helpful to me in several ways! We like to save money by buying large packages of meat, but, now that we no longer have teenage boys at home, I need to divide those into small packs (with teenage boys I thought those huge pack WERE the small size!) As we are *cough* getting older, I also need to measure some foods for casseroles and soups to make sure our servings are adequate.

  40. 285

    Dana B says

    We buy meat in bulk and I guesstimate when breaking it down into smaller packaging for freezing. This would be sooo much easier. :)

  41. 288


    How wouldn’t this scale help me in my kitchen? I mean I just had to count on my hands what 8 + 7 was to pass the spam protection in order to leave this comment!

  42. 289

    Michelle says

    What a great scale! I would wear it out in my kitchen! I am a baker and an avid food weigher/logger/monitor…lol!
    Worked too hard to lose 30 pounds, so I track every B.L.T.! (Bite Lick Taste!)
    Would be a great addition and would have lots of kitchen gadgets to keep it company!

  43. 293


    Wow how would a scale help us? For me to lose weight so I can play and run w my kids.
    I have Lyme and it is hard to eat right and be healthy
    This would be a huge help!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. 297

    Paige says

    I’m working hard to get in the best shape I’ve been in for the next chapter of my life. I realize portion control is a key to that effort. This would be an amazing tool to add to my tool kit.

  45. 303

    Kristi Waldal says

    I follow weight watchers and it would help to have a scale so I can count the points correctly. Thanks

  46. 306

    Margot Core says

    I have read that weighing ingredients is much more accurate than measuring them, that’s why I would be interested in an OXO scale.

  47. 309

    Are Hall says

    I don’t have a kitchen scale, & so many bread recipes I have call for a certain “weight” of flour instead of “cups”. I have a table to convert, but it sys “approximate” cups :( not an accurate exchange!

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