Guest Post: Homemade Applesauce

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Have you ever made homemade applesauce?  I used to make it every year when I taught Preschool many years ago.  I would bring my mom’s electric skillet to school and we would have a grand old time making applesauce together.  All the teachers would poke their heads in our classroom to see what was cooking and they were always thrilled to get a sample!

Today’s guest post is from Laura at Laura’s Sweet Spot.  Doesn’t her Homemade Applesauce look mouth-watering?  This is only one of many delicious recipes from her site! Mosey on over and check out her recipes!

My Grandma was one to never waste. I remember she used to have apples sitting out on her counter that were WAY past prime in what would probably be most peoples opinions. They would have bruises and other non-appetizing spots. But since she grew up in WWII England, there was always something she could salvage. She would take any past-prime apples and turn them into a simple applesauce. Now, to be honest I never liked my Grandmothers applesauce. It was always super tart. And I don’t know why because she used red apples, not granny smith… it was like she never used sugar and the color always came out kind of pink. I just wasn’t a fan. But to this day I find joy in making my own applesauce simply because it reminds me of her.

Personally I like to make my applesauce with MacIntosh apples. These are a few others that make great applesauce- Pippin, Rhode Island Greening, McIntosh, Elstar, Cortland, Fuji, Gala, Gravenstein. You basically want to look for softer apples. I can’t really tell you what kind of apple I used here because it came off the tree in my backyard and I have no clue what kind it is… I am guessing maybe Fuji? Who knows. Regardless it made some really great apple pie and applesauce. So I guess there really isn’t a true apple that is better for either. Like I said, I enjoy Mac’s for my applesauce, but then again, I also use them in my pie. It’s just my preference. I like my pie apples to be tender and soft, not crisp. I would never use a granny smith in an apple pie. But there again, that is just personal preference.

And don’t even get me started on how much better for you homemade applesauce is than store bought. Yes, you can buy the organic, unsweetened kind, which is not too bad for you, but still… when you make it homemade you can control all elements. Sweetness, tartness, chunkiness. Everything. So with that in mind, use this recipe as a guideline. Taste it to see how it’s coming along, whether you think it needs to be sweeter or maybe it needs more water. You kind of have to play parts of it by ear. Don’t get me wrong though, it couldn’t be easier to make!



Thanks for sharing your recipe with us, Laura!

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    Wow – I remember making homemade applesauce when I was in preschool (30-someodd years ago) and at the time I remember how good it was. I bet my boys would LOVE to make homemade applesauce.

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    That applesauce looks so delicious. I love that dark color….I actually have an apple tree in my yard. Even though the apples are sort of banged up, I use them for applesauce too. Thanks for the great recipe. I will definitely try this version.

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