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Have you gone apple-picking yet?   I went to Lanni Orchards last Saturday!  I thought it would be fun to go with someone.  But you know what?  After a stressful, hectic week last week, I thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful, quiet orchard all by myself!  I soaked in the sunshine and enjoyed being outdoors so much it felt like therapy for my mind and soul!  And it fed my inner foodie at the same time! 

I don’t usually go to Lanni Orchards for apples but my favorite orchard that I’ve been going to for decades up and closed this year!  I was so sad!  Well, the sadness didn’t last long when I found out that Lanni Orchards actually have more varieties of apples!   They had Golden Ginger and Golden Delicious apples!  I’ve never picked those before.  Have you?

These are Macintosh (below).  They’re great for eating, not as good for baking.

I came home with 3 bags of Macintosh, Cortland, Golden Delicious, and Golden Ginger.  I picked more than enough so I could share some with my parents.

So guess what?  I have all these apples and I’m not sure what to make with them.  Give me some ideas!  Link up your apple recipes and let’s get bakin’!



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    Happy to link up and share my apple upsidedown cake made from apples I canned (of course). We have been to the apple orchard twice now and have all my canning done for the year. So glad it is finally fall.

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