Link Up! The Theme is…Blueberries!


Have you picked your own blueberries this summer?  I picked 3 quarts at Lanni’s Orchard 2 weeks ago.  Picking blueberries with my friend Silvia seemed like such a luxury.  I’m so used to having a rigid schedule when I’m teaching or having a million things to do at home (including blogging).  I found it so relaxing, rewarding, and just plain fun on a nice summer day!

These muffins were light and delicious! Go get yourself some blueberries and give these a try!


Blueberry on FoodistaBlueberry

This recipe can be found on Pot Luck Monday at Mommy’s Kitchen!



  1. Cheri says

    Hello! I was trying to reach you via your Contact option but it is not working. I was hoping to connect on a concept you might find interesting for fast, easy meals. :) Thanks!

  2. says

    Hi jane! Thanks for posting on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! I adore blueberries and also use them in every smoothie I make because they are so nutritious and delicious! :) alex@amoderatelife

  3. says

    hi jane, first time here and i’m drooling over those pics… awesome click!! Last weekend i’ve bought blueberries but never tried any recipe except smoothies.. bookmarked this, will give a try soon..

  4. says

    Looks really yum! I wish I could experience picking fresh blueberries. Well, for now I’m just buying from costco, imported from California… Have a nice day!

  5. says

    Beautiful muffins. Blueberries seem to add a special flavor to anything. I recently paired it with butternut squash and maple syrup and it turned out to be a favorite.

  6. says

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  7. Kayla says

    I just made these and I have to admit that I was very worried because the batter was very thick but they turned out amazing!! I made about 20 muffins. Thank you!


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