Mohegan Chicken

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Have you ever been to Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT? I go a couple times a year. I actually won $800 on a slot machine last year! That was so much fun! Many years ago, I had a chicken dish at Mohegun Sun that was so good. I tried to recreate it as best as I could. So this is my version of that dish. I hope you like it!

Mohegan Chicken

3 tablespoons olive oil, divided
10 oz. bag of spinach
3 large carrots, cut into match stick size pieces
5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Mrs. Dash salt-free garlic & herb seasoning blend
1 cup finely shredded mozzarella cheese

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the spinach, stirring occasionally until wilted (as shown in the 2nd picture). Season the spinach with a little bit of salt. Transfer the spinach to a bowl and set aside.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the same skillet over medium heat. Add the carrots, stirring occasionally until lightly browned. Transfer the carrots to a bowl and set aside.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the pan over medium heat. Season one side of the chicken with the garlic & herb seasoning. Brown the chicken on both sides and place on a sheet pan.

4. Place the carrots on top of the chicken. Place the spinach on top of the carrots. Sprinkle each piece of chicken with the mozzarella cheese.

5. Cook the chicken in the oven for 12 minutes.

*Make-Ahead Tip*

~A Day Ahead~

Cut the carrots, place them in a container, and refrigerate. Rinse the chicken and pound each piece to 1/2-inch thickness. Place the chicken in a container and refrigerate. This will save you lots of time when you’re ready to make this dish.

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  1. 2

    Dee Merritt (Nutritional Merritt) says

    Jane – this recipe looks fabulous. Can't wait to try it! Btw, how did you get the Key Ingredient recipe page right on your blog?

  2. 5

    Katrina says

    This chicken recipe looks so simple and tasty!
    Saw about your blog and book giveaway over at Mommy? I'm Hungry! The book is something I totally need!

  3. 12

    Sandra K321 says

    I just saw a review of your cookbook on Mommy? I'm Hungry and really loved the recipes. I think my kids would really like some of them, too. I'm from Connecticut so when I first saw the Mohegan chicken I was wondering if it was named after the casino!

  4. 13

    Anonymous says

    Question about the cookbook title: Why is it entitled "for busy moms" when there are many of fathers, grandparents, and other guardians who cook for their children and are busy? We are now in the year 2010. Could we please let go of the FALSE stereotype that only mothers cook for their children? PLEASE!

  5. 14

    somesugarandspice says

    After you becoming friends on foodbuzz I decided to check, and see what was up on your blog. WOW does that chicken dinner ever look amazing. Not to mention simple. I definitely see that in my future! Mind if I add you to my blog roll?

  6. 15

    Kristi Maloney says

    I see a lot of activity over here! That chicken dish looks awesome. I may have cut back on meat, but I haven't sworn it off….I must try this! I also need to go to Mohegan with you! You're good luck! Have a great day Jane!

  7. 18

    Potsdam Kelly says

    Made this last night for my family everyone loved it. I was at a loss as to what to fix for a side dish. I ended up making saffron rice. Which was OK but I thinking maybe next time [and there will be a next time =)] sweet potato fries. What would you all suggest???

  8. 19

    Jane says

    Sweet potato fries would be yummy! I have a Make-Ahead Mashed Potato Casserole in my cookbook that would go great with it! How about scalloped potatoes?

  9. 20

    Potsdam Kelly says

    I love this recipe. I tell everyone about it. It so simple, looks gorgeous when you serve it and its delish on top of it all. I serve mine with oven baked sweet potato fries. Great if you are having people over for dinner!!

    Thanks Jane!

  10. 21

    job says

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