Ninja Cooking System Recipe: Hearty Beef Stew


Remember when I did a review/giveaway of the Ninja Cooking System back in October? Well, I’ve been LOVING this kitchen appliance ever since I got it! 2012-10-14 20:52:33


I shopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond over the holidays and picked up the Ninja Cooking System Cooking Easier, Healthier & Better cookbook.



So far, I have made the Hearty Beef Stew from this cookbook.  Dave and I loved it!  The gravy came out rich and thick, the way we like it!  The folks at Ninja gave me permission to share the recipe below!  In case you’re not familiar with the Ninja Cooking System, you can actually brown the beef on the STOVETOP setting and then add the rest of the ingredients and turn it on SLOW COOK.  It’s so nice to do everything in one pot!  No extra pans to clean!






This is my kind of meal on a cold, winter day!

Give it a try!


*This is not a paid post. I simply love the Ninja Cooking System and this recipe.



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    That looks delicious. I stumbled and I am definitely going to try it. I was just at BJ’s last Sunday – I would have picked up that cookbook if I saw it but I didn’t. Maybe Amazon? Anyway, thanks for the recipe! :)

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  3. Cherri says

    I just one this weekend. Is this recipe in the book? I use crockpot liners do you think you could sear with the liner? I hate clean up.

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