Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough and a Giveaway!

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Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Pillsbury®.  The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.



Hello, Gluten Free Goodness!


Pillsbury is making sure gluten free families don’t miss out on classic favorites like pizza, pie and chocolate chip cookies. That’s why Pillsbury decided to create new gluten free refrigerated dough in three varieties, which will be available at grocery retailers and super centers nationwide.


I have partnered with Pillsbury, to review their new Gluten Free products!




This week, I’m going to focus on the Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough.



I don’t have to worry about cooking gluten free for my family, but when the dough was delivered to my house, I was so anxious to try it!  I figured if I made a fresh batch of cookies on Sunday, they would be great to add to my 19 year old’s lunch box for work on Monday.  He was pretty happy to have them and thought they were great!

My sister-in-law had a chance to try them when she came over on Sunday night.  She liked them and said that they would be great to have at her school where she cooks and serves food to the students.  She mentioned that it’s not easy to find great gluten free products, but she thought these cookies were delicious and so convenient.

I had about 4 or 5 cookies so far.  What?  They’re small!  Seriously, they really are yummy!



Talk about easy and convenient!  I baked my cookies for 11 minutes and they were perfectly done.  Two days later, they are still soft and chewy!  One tub of dough makes about 2 dozen cookies.



I teach second graders so these cookies will come in real handy for me.  I treat my students to goodies at every holiday and this is something that I can whip up in a jiffy and know that it is safe for my gluten free students.


Check out the delicious recipes using this

Pillsbury Gluten-Free Cookie Dough!


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Click HERE for these recipes and download a coupon!



The Giveaway!




Enter on the Rafflecopter widget below to win this

Pillsbury Gluten Free Dough Prize Set along with coupons for free products!


(Open to the U.S. only.)

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  1. 6

    Heather Hayes Panjon says

    The Gluten Free Pizza Dough Would Be Helpful To My Family, Would Like To Try The Gluten Free Mexican Breakfast Pizza Recipe.

  2. 9


    I went GF in January, and while I don’t use a lot of prepared foods, I’ve yet to find a GF pizza crust recipe I really like. I’ve been sooooo missing a good pizza the last few months.

  3. 11

    Margot C says

    My daughter is all gluten-free now; so yes this would be a help! truth be told I don’t even understand how it can be gluten-free I’m just glad that it is

  4. 14

    julie says

    I have celiacs and these products would make it easy to enjoy some of my old favorites! I can’t wait to try them.

  5. 17

    Jenna Wood says

    My niece has a lot of friends who are gluten intolerant, this will really come in handy when entertaining!

  6. 20

    mrsshukra says

    Been trying gluten free products lately and would enjoy making these! The Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cups look ono!

  7. 21

    Charlotte Moore says

    This would be great to use when our grandsons wife comes to eat. Since their baby was bon she is gluten intolerate. Would love to try the pizza dough for a homemade pizza.

  8. 23


    I am curious about trying a gluten-free diet since I have been feeling very bloated and tired lately, even while eating healthy foods. It would be fun to try these!

  9. 31

    Candice says

    I have been wanting to reduce gluten, so this would be great. I would love to make the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars.

  10. 37

    Carmen S says

    That is so great that Pillsbury has developed a line of Gluten Free Products, my sister was recently diagnosed with a gluten allergy, and my whole family is trying to go Gluten free to support her :) That Gluten Free cookie dough looks so yummy!

  11. 38

    Rachel V says

    My husband was dying to make his homemade pizza sauce with this gluten free dough, but we could find it in our store. We would really love to try it

  12. 42

    Kim Henrichs says

    The pastry dough would be great. We are trying to cut back on flour in our house, so something like this would be awesome. Can’t kill the sweet tooth, might as well make it healthier. Love the look of those chocolate tarts.

  13. 44

    Jen Bigerton says

    I’d like to try to Chocolate Chip Peanut butter cookies and I’m very interested in trying the gluten free products

  14. 52

    KHBride says

    I eat gluten free and its often difficult to find products that taste good but don’t cost a ton! Would love to try these!

  15. 58

    Peg says

    My husband was just diagnosed with gluten sensitivity so we are trying to find tasty options for him to eat. The gluten free Pillsbury products sound great! We have always enjoyed Pillsbury products and are happy to see how they are addressing the needs of those with gluten allergies.

  16. 61

    Ronda says

    I have been trying to have my family eat gluten free as much as possible. My husband has several siblings that must eat gluten free. I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

  17. 63

    Stefanie says

    I am gluten intolerant and it’s very hard to find tasty gluten free comfort food such as the new Pillsbury products! I am so excited to give these items a try!

  18. 66

    Julia says

    This will really help since my nephew can’t figure out why the gluten free people have to miss out on some of his snacks. This will help ensure everyone has a nephew approved treat.

  19. 68

    Leah Shumack says

    We’ve recently started to eat better and would definitely not turn down trying some on the healthy side cookies!

  20. 69


    It took us a couple years to find a pizza dough we all liked that satisfied my son’s gluten free diet. It’s so awesome that Pillsbury has come out with this new line of products and we can’t wait to try them all! This product would help us whip up a treat or dinner QUICKER than what I currently can do. So helpful, especially with the school year firing back up! Thanks for the chance!

  21. 76

    Shana Hendrickson says

    Being a Pillsbury product I’d actually like to have a taste. They have many incredible recipes on their site many of which take a minimal amount of time to prepare. I have a lot of go to dishes I found there.

  22. 77

    Dawn Monroe says

    We are new to gluten free but companies are making it doable. I want to try the bacon chicken bbq pizza.

  23. 87

    Stephanie Phelps says

    Having four kids and try to eat gluten free it is nice to have a treat that make it easier. I would love to make the Gluten Free Mexican Breakfast Pizza

  24. 93

    Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I would like to try the gluten-free-bacon-cheeseburger-pizza recipe.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  25. 94

    David says

    We have increasingly been buying gluten-free, and this would be a great addition. I am primarily interested in the cookies, but the others look great too.

  26. 95

    Robin Wilson says

    With more and more awareness of gluten free health benefits and having friends that live gluten free I would love to try the Thin Crust Pizza Dough. A grilled chicken/caramelized onion pizza would be great!
    PS: Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. 100

    Kellie Rose Wilson says

    Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cups sound awesome. Excited to try these sweets with no gluten!

  28. 101

    Laura Jacobson says

    Oh it would be so helpful, and I would not have to make so many special trips to the health food store! I am so glad these companies are making gluten free products for the regular grocery stores! :)
    I would love to make the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cups! My little sister made me something like this last Christmas and it was so good!!! I felt human again! :)

  29. 103


    I’m most excited about trying the gluten free pizza crust dough. I love homemade pizza and would really like to make calzones with Pillsbury’s gluten free pizza dough crust. It would make life so much easier than making the dough from scratch!

  30. 104

    Jennifer Aldridge says

    No one in my household suffers from Celiac disease, but I’ve been trying to change our eating habits to more healthy alternatives. One of the changes I’ve made is the decrease the use of foods with gluten. These products are wonderful…I haven’t seen them in stores but will now look for sure!

  31. 107

    Amanda B says

    I have a friend with celiac disease, so if I won I would give this to him. He would especially like the pizza dough.

  32. 109

    Krista says

    I’m excited to try the dough because I miss pizza. A lot! I would love to try to make breadsticks with it too.
    They would make my life better because of they are so convenient!

  33. 110

    Gail Williams says

    I love making cookies for my 2 granddaughters and the 3 of us are the ones who need to eat gluten -free. I am excited about this product.

  34. 111

    sarah says

    All of the recipes look delicious! The Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches look like they would be really good as well as the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Bars. Yum!

  35. 116

    Holly says

    My cousin had to go gluten-free a few years back and I am always trying to find new recipes to try! I’d love to try some apple bars with the pie dough! Yummm!

  36. 119

    cheryla lister says

    With 2 of us in the family having digestive issues, I’d like to see if gluten-free is a way for us to go.

  37. 120

    SandyN says

    There are getting to be more and more gluten-free options in the grocery stores. Glad to see this new product added to the mix!!

  38. 121

    Melisa Harker says

    I am really excited to try this and see if it helps some family members’ intestinal issues! I like the glutton free pizza dough for personal pizzas. Also from the website the chicken pot pit using the glutton free pastry crust looked divine!

  39. 123

    Erica says

    I’d really like to try the pizza crust. With GF, its hard to get the right texture in something like that.

  40. 126


    I want to win this so bad for my good friend! She HAS to eat GF all the time, and just found out her
    son is the same way. I just know this would make both of their day! :)

  41. 127


    Pillsbury Gluten Free Dough will help me this Holiday season – I have to eat gluten free, so getting the cookie dough will allow me to eat cookies with the rest of the family :)

  42. 130

    Sherry Compton says

    We love Pillsbury Pizza dough and would love the gluten free crust for making our pizza. From their recipes, the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cups would be a wonderful dessert.

  43. 131

    Marti Parks says

    I would like to try the Pillsbury Gluten Free refrigerated pizza crust dough to make the Gluten Free Personal Pepperoni Pizzas. They look really good and I know my family would like them. I would also like to try making the Gluten Free Barbecue Chicken Mini Pizzas. They look really good too. Thank you!

  44. 137

    Carolyn K says

    My mom is gluten intolerant, and I always struggle with what to make when she comes to visit. This would really help!

  45. 139

    Theresa says

    This would be awesome for the gluten free eaters in our family. We would like to try the Pillsbury Easy Strawberry Cream Dessert Squares


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