Review: Preservino VinoVault Wine Cellar

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Disclosure:  I received the VinoVault Wine Refrigerator from Staples.  The comments in this review are 100% my own. 
Did you know that Staples carries a line of wine refrigerators & coolers?  I didn’t!  I guess I never came across them while shopping for all my teaching and home office supplies.

Well, you can just imagine how excited I was to review this beauty!




Preservino VinoVault Wine Cellar



Product Details


  • 16 bottle wine refrigerator
  • Green cooling heat pipe technology is 10x more efficient than standard wine chillers with ultra-quiet operation
  • 22″H x 24″W x 25.7″D, 34.5 lbs.
  • Also preserves your opened bottles of wine
  • Illuminates and displays your favorite bottle in the window
  • Uses a Peltier module in combination with heat pipe technology
  • European styling
  • Chrome slide out shelves
  • Preservino wine stoppers
  • 90-day mfr. warranty



This refrigerator can hold 16 bottles of wine unless you choose to stand up one bottle on the left to display through the door window. There are two lights in this unit with sturdy chrome shelves.



It comes with two wine stoppers on the inside door with instructions on how to preserve your wine.



Dave filled the gray gas cartridge jacket with the gas cartridge that came with the refrigerator. Not only do they have the instructions on the door, it comes with an easy-to-read manual.



If you have an unfinished bottle of wine that you’d like to preserve, you just need to insert the injection port into the wine stopper.



Fully depress the gas release button on the top of the unit according to the chart in the manual. For example, if you have 1/2 bottle of wine, you would fill it with gas for 15 seconds.



It’s super easy!

We tried the wine that we preserved a week later and it was fantastic!



The adjustable thermostat is located inside the appliance in the upper right corner.


Notes from the Manual Worth Mentioning

  • The VinoVault is an extremely accurate cooling device that ensures the optimum temperature of the wine.  The system is not designed to rapidly bring a bottle of room temperature wine to a refrigerated state.  Depending on the beginning temperature of the wine, the set point of the system, the bottle may take 1-24 hours to stabilize to temperature.
  • The VinoVault uses 100% Argon gas.  Argon is a “noble gas,”  meaning that it does not react chemically with anything.
  • If you are preserving an especially fine or rare bottle of wine, you may wait 5 seconds and “re-apply” a second shot of gas (again per the chart).  Since Argon is completely “noble,” there’s no need to worry about applying too much gas.

What do I think?

I LOVE it!  I never knew you could preserve your wine like this!  I’m so excited that I won’t be wasting any more wine!  This appliance is very modern and sleek looking.  It is a great addition to my newly remodeled kitchen and dining room!

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    Wow what a great little fridge. It would be nice to not waste wine. Believe it or not, I’ve thrown some out too! lol I bet it looks great in your new kitchen! :)

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