Review: T-Fal OptiGrill

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Disclosure: I received the T-Fal OptiGrill. The comments in this post are 100% my own.


If you asked my husband Dave, I’m sure that he would agree that the OptiGrill is one of the coolest kitchen appliances we have reviewed this year.

At first glance, it looks like a panini maker, right?  Well, this is the only indoor grill with Precision Grilling Technology, which will detect the quantity, temperature, and thickness of your items and alert you when it is at each cooking stage (rare, medium, well done, etc.)  It actually grills your food to your exact preference!

Check out this video!



My Review



The top and bottom grill plates can be removed and cleaned by simply pressing a button on the side.



The nonstick grill is slanted so the fat flows easily into the drip pan.  The drip pan slides into place with very little effort and stays put until you pull it out to be cleaned.



  The raised bumps help keep the food in place.



 All you need to do is select one of the preset cooking programs and start grilling:

–Red Meat
–Manual – perfect for vegetables

You can even defrost meat quickly or grill frozen chicken!


The first thing I tried grilling is a piece of salmon.



It really came out perfect using the “fish” program!  I couldn’t believe it!  This is awesome because I could easily make fish once a week! The fish was done in a matter of minutes!  I coated the fish with a combination of honey, spicy brown mustard and dried dill weed.  Yum!


I splurged and bought 2 pieces of filet mignon for Dave and me.  I sprinkled them with salt and pepper and used the “red meat” setting.  Dave likes steak more rare than me, so he took his piece of steak out earlier than me.  It’s nice that we don’t have to guess if it’s done.  The OptiGrill tells you when it is rare, medium, or well done!



I cooked some hot dogs on the “sausage” setting and they were great!



Dave likes his burgers a little pink inside.  Me…well done.



Dave topped his with cheese when it got to medium.  We lowered the top without touching the cheese so it could melt.  I did the same when it was more well done.  With the fat drained off, it makes a healthier burger!

I can’t wait to grill more meals and test out all the features!  We give this OptiGrill two thumbs up for sure!  You can make some great fast meals with it and it’s pretty fun to use!


You can purchase the OptiGrill on their website!  It would make a fabulous Christmas gift!


Connect With OptiGrill!








Here’s a T-Fal OptiGrill recipe just for you!




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  1. 1


    OMG- I need this grill! I am a big fan of indoor grills (especially in the winter.) Do the grill plates stay on well? I’ve had trouble with grill plates not staying put and almost getting burned. I love how this can monitor the cooking stages. I honestly want one of these. It’s going on my wish list. Thanks for the recipe – that sounds delish!

  2. 4

    Tracy says


    I just bought the Opti-grill yesterday and grilled a salmon filet (like yours) but mine did not come out as nicely grilled as yours. Was your filet fresh? Mine was frozen but I used the defrost setting and grilled it to “well done”. Any suggestions on grilling a frozen salmon to look like yours? Thanks!

    • 4.1

      Jane says

      I use fresh salmon. I usually check the fish while it’s cooking to see if it’s done. Lift the fish under the middle of the fillet with a fork. It will crack open as it bends. See if it’s raw inside. “Well done” is probably too long especially after you defrosted it.

  3. 5

    San Deep says

    Dear Jane and Dave,

    I would be grateful if you helped on the below issue:

    We need an expert opinion on finding a decent grill for a daily use.

    I would really like to buy the Optigrill, however my wife is not convinced…even after doing several hours of research online; we cannot agree on which grill is the suitable for our daily grilling needs.

    I had almost given up; until I came across your blog post.

    What I would really like this grill to do is : (i.e. my requirements are:)
    – cook Salmon from Frozen
    – cook kabeljauw fish from Frozen
    – cook fresh (non-frozen) chicken breast
    – sausages
    – beacon

    Would this grill work good for the above mentioned requirements?

    Many thanks for your feedback in advance.

    My research links:

  4. 6

    John says

    I just got my opti grill today. The first thing we tried was a panini sandwich. It turned out but had a problem. I assembled the sandwich on a plate and after the grill was pretty heated I put the assembled sandwiches on the grill and they slid right off before I could close the top and the sandwiches fell apart. What did I do wrong? Thanks…

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