Rocco DiSpirito’s Green Tea Watermelon Super Punch



It’s official!  Rocco DiSpirito’s new book Now Eat This! Diet was released today!



It is an honor for me to be able to share another recipe from his book!  Thanks Rocco!




Stay Tuned!

I will be giving away 2 signed copies of Now Eat This! Diet next Monday!



  1. Karin says

    I have Rocco’s last cookbook and it’s awesome! Great recipes with the calories and fats cut all the way down. There’s even brownies! Magic!!

  2. Patricia says

    Beth – I have this book & my daughter made this smoothie last night, the book says it’s 4 servings. I will tell you that the matcha green tea power is expensive. I was at Whole Foods last night & a very very small container (looked like it might have 4 tablespoons in it) was over $30. Yikes! Also, when my daughter made this it did not turn out that nice shade of green, more brownish. My daughter thinks it’s because of the pink watermelon color & the dark agave color. Still tasted good! ;o)

    As far as the brownies go, it’s made with black beans. Not sure how it taste but I have seen lots of reviews & comments about it that says it’s pretty nasty. There is also a red velvet squares made with beets. We are going to try both but make a smaller batch as it can get pretty pricey spending money on all the ingredients only to put it down the garbage disposal.

    • Carol says

      Patricia – I noticed also that Matcha is very expensive at Whole Foods. Try Republic of Tea matcha powder, much more affordable at about $16. Also, try the light agave if you don’t like the color, rather than raw or amber agave – all have the same nutritional content, as I understand it.

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