Rush Hour Recipes Cookbook Giveaway from Gooseberry Patch!

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When I come home from work, my day is not over. I still have several hours of work to do on the computer. All I want to do is put together a nice, quick meal.  Gooseberry Patch Rush Hour Recipes has just what I’m into…quick and easy recipes!


I love the cute graphics in Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.  It makes the books so warm and inviting.  If you want to see what I mean, click HERE to view inside the book at  When you check out the recipes in this book, you’ll notice that most of the directions are only one paragraph long.  If you’re short on time, but still want a home-cooked meal, this cookbook is a real time saver!



Check out some of the Rush Hour recipes in this video!


I made 2 recipes from the book so far.  Both were family-friendly and satisfying!


Stuffed Cube Steaks (page 13)

We loved this recipe!  My 17 year old actually said it was good!  He had two portions!  He has been so picky the last couple of years.  It was nice to see him enjoy this meal.  This recipe used stuffing mix and was made in 30 minutes!  There’s only 4 ingredients in this recipe!


Melinda’s Mexican Manicotti (page 30)

This was so easy!  Forget about leftovers…this meal disappeared in minutes!  Another winner for my teenager!  If you like Tacos, you’ll love this!  This is so good with a little sour cream on the side.  I will definitely make both of these recipes again!


Check out more recipes, videos, and a huge assortment of

Gooseberry Patch cookbooks at:

Gooseberry Patch Blog

Gooseberry Patch on Facebook


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*I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review/giveaway.  The comments in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. 1

    Amber gray says

    Dinner time at our house is at 5:30. I am always in need of fast recipes with two little boys who sit at my feet waiting for dinner

  2. 4

    Melissa I. says

    Dinner time at my house is a battle. Never knowing what to make or figuring out what I have a taste for and then finding out I’m missing one key ingredient. Then, it’s a mad dash to come up with a new plan and sprinting to make that a reality before I have to tidy up the house for church group to come over. I desperately need more quick & delicious recipes for variety and ease!!

  3. 16

    Elizabeth says

    Dinner time at my house is exactly 6:18 for some odd reason. that’s just the same time my husband calls us to dinner. Quick and easy recipes would be a great asset to have when everyone comes home tired from school and work.

  4. 21

    Lynn says

    They call it Supper hour? Is there such a thing? lol. Seriously. Would LOVE an hour, if I had one. This book would certainly help out with the short amount I’ve got. Looks amazing!

  5. 23

    Cindi Hatch says

    We are empty nesters now, and so dinner time is not as hectic as it once was. Although my hubby seems to be more of a picky eater than he ever was before when then the kids were home. Go figure!!

  6. 30

    SandyN says

    Dinner time is between 5 and 5:30 at our house. Normally I have a menu planned out a week in advance so that I know what’s going on every dinner. That helps tremendously and doesn’t leave me frustrated and scrambling at the last minute to decide what to fix!

  7. 32

    tamra childers says

    dinner time is always a rush getting it ready in between getting the baby bathed, fed and ready for bed, the husband coming home from work and paying him attention and tiding the house from the days goings on.

  8. 36

    Virginia Meisner says

    I work full time and don’t get off till 5:00. I always need quick dinner ideas with a husband and three teenage boys to feed.

  9. 37


    We could always use quick and yummy meals for those nights that are busy with meetings, Scouts or concerts. I have everyone in the family choose a dinner each week and choose the day that I make each based on the evenings activities.

  10. 38

    Joanna says

    With two working parents, dinner time comes twice at my house: 6 p.m. for the toddler (and Mom sometimes has a snack), and then 8:30 for Mom and Dad, after the toddler is in bed. Some quick recipes would do us all some good!

  11. 39

    suburban prep says

    It is just my husband and myself but I can not tell you how many times we both don’t know what to make when we come home. Then when we decide it is something that takes a bit of times.

  12. 41

    cassie says

    We try to eat dinner as a family. Quick recipes would be awesome! I like recipes that I can understand rather than some crazy recipes where you have no idea what the ingredients are.

  13. 50


    With my children getting into more activities and my husband having the running he always has to do, sometimes throwing together something for dinner can be a little tough. This would be great! :-)

  14. 60

    Wendy says

    I finally started menu planning and it has helped so much. We still have many days that I feel rushed, but planning has helped…and so has the crock pot!

  15. 64


    dinnertime is different every night here… i fly solo with my son for dinner since daddy works 2nd shift so its always an adventure trying to keep my toddler occupied and cook dinner at the same time… plus, we have no dishwasher so i’m especially interested in the one-dish dinners!!… this cookbook would be such an asset in our house!

  16. 70

    bonnie w says

    I am trying to be more organized and have meals planned out…my husband starts dinner and we try to eat together at the table at about 6pm.

  17. 71

    Sue says

    I’m ehxausted after babysitting my grandchildren all day. I’d love some meals I could make earlier in the day and pop in the oven. A bonus would be leftovers for lunch for us all the next day.

  18. 77

    Susan says

    We eat at 6pm most nights.At least that is my goal; to eat at 6. I begin cooking at 5 o’clock or so. I am a good cook and cook up a good meal. This book would come in really handy.

  19. 90

    Sharon says

    Dinner time usually consists of my toddler running all over the house while I try to pull something together before my husband gets home. A lot of the times, I don’t even cook. We just eat leftovers or a little of this and a little of that. I’d love some quick, simple, budget friendly recipes. I get tired of making (and eating) the same things over and over again

  20. 92

    jengd says

    Dinner is at 6 most nights but those swim lessons 2x a week that run until 6:10 definitely make those 2 evenings a toss. :)

  21. 114

    Andrea D. says

    Dinner is normally quick because we normally have activities to do at night. My goal is to only be in the kitchen for an hour (hopefully less). Thanks for the chance to enter.

  22. 121

    gibberish says

    I am not blessed with great cooking skills, so I’m afraid meals at our house are simple, speedy menus.

  23. 124

    Michele Behlen says

    Dinner time is hectic every night at our house. My husband and grandkids get home around three but my daughter doesn’t get done work until five-thirty and I’m never sure when she’ll get home. We try to work dinner in between then and other activities. Quick recipes would be great.

  24. 128


    Dinner time is always hectic not knowing what to cook and trying to please everyone and keeping everything healthy. I’m always open to new ideas and recipes. Anything to put a meal together rather quickly and aiming to please everyone.

  25. 130

    vickie m says

    I would definelty love more easy receipes at my house- sometimes I like big meals but i also like to take it easy|
    Thanks for the chance

  26. 143

    Jennifer Ray says

    Dinner at our house is at 6:00pm. I’m anxious to get some quick meals since my husband is going back to work and our kindergartener will go to after-school. We’ll rush in at 5:30 to do homework AND get dinner ready.

  27. 151

    Kimberly B. says

    Dinner at our house is very haphazard. I need a better plan with meals that everyone will eat that don’t take forever to make.

  28. 165

    Missy Lynnh says

    Dinner time is hectic at our house because I have young children. It’s tough for me to escape to the kitchen to make meals that take a lot of time. I prefer simple but healthy and delicious meals.

    mlynnh5 at gmail dot com

  29. 173

    Stephanie says

    Dinner time is always busy, busy at our house! I’m always on the lookout for quick and tasty meals for my family. Thanks for the giveaway!
    mrshud at cox dot net

  30. 174

    Stephanie says

    Dinner time is always busy, busy at our house! I’m always on the lookout for quick and tasty meals for my family.
    mrshud at cox dot net

  31. 180

    Jeni Monroe says

    Dinner time at my house is pure chaos. There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to cook the kind of meals I would like to. I really could use some fast easy recipes =)

  32. 181

    Teslaca says

    Dinner is a time for me to relax and cook something nice or take something already prepared out of the freezer if I’m not feeling ambitious. I try to make extra for leftovers to freeze or have for lunch.

  33. 185

    Joan says

    On weeknights I could really use a book like this. I never get home until around 6 pm and I’m exausted so dinner is usually something I can throw together quickly. On the weekends it’s a different story I love to cook things that take longer then.

  34. 198

    Pam H says

    It’s just my husband and I now at dinnertime….unless you count our three shih tzus….but we always welcome new, fast, yummy dinner ideas! Thanks for this great giveaway : )

  35. 209

    Tammi Moore says

    Dinner time at my house is hectic with a 14yo and a 17yo it is mandatory I have dinner ready in a rush!!

  36. 212


    When we do get to eat together it is craziness. I have a daughter who is vegan, then a 10 month old granddaughter, and a hubby that looks home cooked meals.

  37. 216

    Marlene Frazier says

    I work full-time, do not get off until 5:00 and that gets me home about 5:30…try to fix dinner as soon as possible so we do not eat late…would love to have to cookbook for a multitude of reasons including new ideas, easy recipes, easy clean-up….I am tired by the end of dinner!!!! Thanks for the chance to win and look forward to this particular cookbook!!!!

  38. 230

    Kelly Marriott says

    Weeknight family meals at my house are chaotic. Different schedules, things to do in the evenings, you name it. I always need new ideas to keep the menu fresh and original so as to not have a mutiny on my hands!

  39. 232

    Jennifer says

    I am a fan on facebook, and have serveral of the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks also. I have also been collectiing them for years for my oldest daughter, so that when she moves out on her own, she will be able to cook delicious meals for herself. Thank you Gooseberry Patch!!!!

  40. 233

    Amy Harder says

    Dinner time in our household is a nightmare every night. it is a constant battle to get everyone to even decide on what to have. I love to try the recipes that I find in the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and on the facebook site. I will take all of the help I can get to try and make dinner time a more enjoyable experience!

  41. 234

    Deedra Rogers says

    Dinner time at my house is anywhere from 5:30 to 10pm depending on everyones schedule. about 95% of those dinners I make myself so I am always looking for something new to try, and to not always be repeating the same dinners too often. If I can get the guys to try something at least once then I can hope that it is approved for future dinners lol
    Thank you and Gooseberry Patch for offering the giveaway!!

  42. 235

    JaneK says

    I should be organized for supper as I am home most days but am still scrambling to make something last minute!

  43. 236

    Kelli Worley says

    Dinner at our house is usually at 8pm due to my work schedule and my husbands. I don’t get off work until 7pm. We are in need of quick and easy dinner ideas for our growing family

  44. 239

    Sara says

    Dinner at our house has to be fast! Hubbs and I work full time and we have 2 tweenies. Hubbs works 10 hour shifts and has an hour drive both ways plus he is a diabetic.So I make sure dinner is on the table and ready for when he gets home. Then we have time to relax, before we start another day.

  45. 243

    Jackie Mauch says

    Dinner around here is always crazy. We all have such busy schedules. Dinner can be anywhere between 5 and 9 on any given night. We need lots of fast family friendly meals. I am a follower of Gooseberry Patch and Make Ahead Meals on facebook.

  46. 244

    Sarah R. says

    Dinner time at my house has been pitiful! Hubby is away for training, so kids and I have been having lots of sandwiches and pasta! I could definitely use quick recipes to make a yummy dinner.

  47. 247

    Rebecca W. says

    Dinner time is anywhere between 6 and 7 unfortunately. So I really need some quick recipe ideas. I am a fan of yours and GBP.

  48. 248

    Sherie N. says

    Being a single mom with one (now grown) child, dinner time at our house can be pretty random! Two women on the go, grabbing whatever we can. I am always interested in quick, easy, and healthy recipes that don’t require a lot of time or prep yet are satisfying and will keep our minds and hands off the snacks between meals! Thank you, Gooseberry Patch!

  49. 250

    ursula ann says

    ..this may sound strange, but, me and the hubs are new emptynesters and in our mid 40’s. so after a long day at work, we just wanna relax during the week; we don’t want to rush for anything anymore, so the nice n’ easy (and simpler) dinners are even more up our alley than before! 😀

  50. 251

    Taylor says

    I would love this book. We work 2nd shift and I don’t feel like cooking by the time we get home so quick meals would be awesome.

  51. 252

    Jennifer Bonners says

    Suppertime is 4:30 at our house. I am rushed to get a good meal on the table to feed my daughter. She enjoys helping to cook supper. I feel this book would be a big help. Thank You!

  52. 254

    Angela Kirby says

    Dinner time is usually 5:30, but with 3 children with activities it differs from night to night. As well as the 3 kids & husband to feed, I also have my mom & mother in law(who has diabetes) to feed too. Satisfying everyones taste buds has become quite a chore for me, & I find myself very frustrated & discouarged when it comes to meal planning. This cookbook sounds like it may be just what I need to help please everyone, and make it to the kids activities on time. I am a fan of Gooseberry on FB already after I bought the kindle edition of Dinners on a Dime, and I am now a fan of Make Ahead Meals too!

  53. 259

    Amy Hunt says

    Dinner time is usually between 5:30-6:00 at our house, but I’m on the go a lot and some days need a quick “go to” meal. Thanks for the give-away and good luck to everyone. Blessings! ~~Amy~~

  54. 264

    Sonja Gardner says

    What’s dinner time like at your house? It is a very busy time since we have two kids in school, a teacher mom, and a full-time working dad. There is never enough time to run errands and make a complicated dinner after work. Do you need more quick & delicious recipes for your family? Yes, I sure do! The more quick and easy and tasty, the better!

  55. 265

    jennifer says

    My family always has meals together but some nights it gets late after work and kid activities. Getting some good ideas for make ahead meals would be a good way to save some time on busy days.

  56. 266

    jennifer says

    I “like” Gooseberry Patch on facebook (that’s how I found out about the giveaway)
    I also now “Like” Make Ahead Meals and I’ve signed up for the email updates. Can’t wait to get some good ideas!

  57. 268

    Jennifer Thornton says

    Dinner time at my house right now is quite sad… my husband has to fin for himself a lot. He and I do not have any children. I am 35 and have a terrible brain tumor. I am on an organic juicing diet right now, and have been for months. My husband does not like veggies – at all. I would LOVE to have some quick and easy recipes that I can toss together with only a few ingredients that I could pick up from the organic grocery store, like Melinda’s Mexican Manicotti. Four ingredients? That is wonderful AND I believe I could find all the ingredients at Whole Foods. Right now we buy my vegetables at Whole Foods and then head over to Walmart for his groceries, which tend to come from the frozen food isles these days. I feel sorry for my husband. He takes such good care of me. I need to start cooking for him again!

  58. 269


    dinner is always a problem..nobody is really in the mood for a 3 course meal,all they want is something easy and quick..this book would just be great…

  59. 270

    Tammy Dalton says

    Dinner at my house is usually done in shifts. I work 3rd so I fix dinner around 5pm then the kids come
    home and eat. Then my dad who lives with me comes home from work at 11pm and eats. So I need something that can be fast and easy but also reheats nicely.

  60. 271

    Sarah says

    Dinner at our house involves two picky little girls, one slightly less picky mom, and my husband who our girls feed their leftovers to with their catch phrase “give it to daddy, he’ll eat anything!” Pretty much anything spicy, oniony, tomatoey, or mushroomy gets kicked here…but I sneak it in sometimes. Gooseberry Patch always has recipes that I can use with no problem!

  61. 272

    Di Wilsey Geer says

    We need healthy and quick. We exercise at our local YMCA and are going Mon thru Fri like ships passing in the night trying to catch either a spinning or water aerobics class. Gooseberry Rush Hour would be so applicable to us! Thanx for a such a great give a way!!!!

  62. 273

    Nathan Miller says

    Its just my finance and myself in our downtown apartment and I love to be in the kitchen so our meals are usually substantial, 3 to 4 things on the table and we love it. We figure we might as well do it now while we can.

  63. 276


    Dinner at our house is usually good. I have 2 grown daughters and 2 teens living with us. We usually take turns making dinner. Things have been stressful lately and I have taken over cooking until the end of Jan. I have all my meals planned and we eat together at the table almost every night.

  64. 277

    Brandi says

    Dinner at my house is usually somewhere around 5:30 and always rushed. I have a 2 and a 4 year old that don’t have the patience to let me be in the kitchen very long. They think I should be spending all the time with them playing.
    I follow you on Face Book!

  65. 278

    Susan Willie says

    Susan said…
    Dinner time at my house varies according to my work schedule and my husband’s work schedule. Sometimes real crazy, so something quick and easy and not the same old thing would be great.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. 280


    Supper time at our house usually isn’t that bad if I have put something in the crock-pot. I love my crock-pot and use it all the time!!!!!! If not, then I usually cook something that is fast and easy to prepare.

  67. 281


    It is just my husband and me as all of the children are grown with their own children. I find it extremely hard to cook for just two. I love to cook and bake but would greatly appeciate some new recipes. Love all the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks that I have.

  68. 282

    Amanda J. says

    I try to plan out my meals. I’ve become a better cook, so it’s easier to do better meals with less time wasted.

  69. 293


    Dinner is usually around 630 and with a 4yr old little boy we never know what he’s going to eat. It has been a struggle and quick meals would be a huge help!
    Don’t have twitter! :-(

  70. 295


    Dinnertime at my house: I get home from work around 5, 5:15. Kids want to eat at 5:30. I try madly to throw something together, wishing I’d made a pot of rice the previous night or chopped veggies the previous night or something, and also wondering if they’ll eat what I want to make for my husband and I. The toddler wants to nurse, the preschooler’s very hungry, and I basically toss graham crackers at them while I try to get some food made and on the table. Exhausting! :)

  71. 300

    jade says

    Dinner at our house is almost always between 5:00 and 5:30 except during sport season. I have 3 boys and 2 involved in both football and baseball. During those seasons with practice/games 5-7 days a week I will usually try to feed them before games/practice so at times the eat at 4:00-4:30 it would be wonderful to have this cookbook for quick, simple ideas for those incredibly hectic days!!

  72. 302


    Dinner time in my house is the craziest time of my day, with 3 teenagers and a diabetic husband its a challenge to find quick meals everone can enjoy without having to seperate hubbys food before adding all those things the kids like……

  73. 305

    Tracie lynn says

    Dinner is our together time. We always eat together at the table. We discuss our days and plans for the weekend.

  74. 306

    Denise Bockenfeld says

    Ok I’m a little different because it’s just me to fix a meal for so I’m always looking for something easy to fix for one person that doesn’t make a ton of leftovers that I’m not going to want to eat. If it’s something I can make ahead the night before or put into the Crockpot while I’m at work, that would be awesome. I’ve liked both on Facebook and I’ve Pinned you on Pinterest too! Thank you for the opportunity!

  75. 311

    christina says

    dinner time is about 6 – 6:30 and its always hectic because the cook books i have show the slow way to make things and i would love something that could show me how to cook things faster.

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