Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt Giveaway

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In early 2012, I made the switch from regular yogurt to Greek yogurt.  I figured the extra protein would be beneficial and it didn’t have aspartame in it, which I wanted to eliminate from my diet.  At that time, I questioned if aspartame (found in my regular yogurt, diet soda and gum) was contributing to my migraine headaches and I’m happy to say that since I gave up products with aspartame, the number of headaches have been drastically reduced.

Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt was the first brand I tried.  I’ve been hooked ever since!  I love the fresh, creamy flavor, and it’s not super sweet like some other brands.  Whether I’m at home or at school, I always have yogurt with my lunch.  If I’m craving something sweet after dinner, I’ll reach for a yogurt instead of cookies or some other type of dessert to keep my weight down.

Did you know that one 6-ounce yogurt gives you 25–35% of your daily calcium.  This is a big deal at my age!  And it doesn’t hurt that it’s organic either!

Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt comes in nonfat, low-fat, and frozen.  I’m a (Fruit on the Bottom) yogurt kind of girl.  I love the Peach Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry, Superfruits, and Raspberry.  But there are additional flavors to chose from.

My 18 year old son, Andrew, started eating Greek yogurt this year too!  In fact, he picked out his favorite Stonyfield yogurt at the grocery store with us last weekend, and filled his little dorm refrigerator with them.  It was probably the most nutritious food in there!


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  1. 19

    jo says

    I haven’t tried Oikos yet, but Greek yogurt is my favorite!! You can’t go wrong with vanilla, but I would also like to try strawberry and honey

  2. 26

    Donna K. says

    I love Greek yogurt. It is so yummy. I have not tried the Stonyfield brand, so I will have to look for that brand the next time I go shopping.

  3. 28

    gina says

    I am not much of a yogurt fan. Most are to sweet and the ingredients are very good. Maybe Stony Field will be the one

  4. 29

    Tracie says

    I LOVE greek yogurt. I eat it almost everday for lunch. I like vanilla and then i put fresh berries and some granola in it.

  5. 31

    Joan says

    I haven’t tried Stonyfield Greek yogurt but I have tried another brand and peach was my favorite. I’d love to try Stonyfield as well.

  6. 46

    Christina Tong says

    I have never tried the Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt, but I would like to try it and my favorite flavor is blueberry.


  7. 55

    Wendy says

    I love greek yogurt! I haven’t tried stonyfield yet though. The pomegranate sounds good. I wonder if their frozen yogurt tastes like yogurt? I’d be hooked if it did! I dislike the frozen yogurts that seem more like ice cream.

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