We have a new little boy in our house!

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Meet Parker Doiron!

I am in love with him!

We just got him on New Year’s Day, so you can understand why I haven’t been blogging this week.  I just want to spend all my down time with this lovable pup.


Parker is a 4 lb. Yorkie.  He should grow to about 10-11 lbs.  He’s only 3 months and has already been neutered.  He was extremely shy and tried to get away from us when we tried to pick him up, but now he lets us do anything.


Before we checked out all of the small hair dogs on New Year’s Day, we really had a Yorkie in mind.  When we were introduced to several dogs at a time, the dogs were all over me and they were bouncing off the walls!  When little Parker was in the mix, he just walked around so calm and cool and didn’t come near us.  We took turns holding him and we knew that he was the one for us.  We’re not use to having a dog so we didn’t want a hyper dog.


I know it’s earlier, but he is such a mellow, easy-going dog!  Did I tell you I love him?!


We got to work on his smile!  :)


My niece helped me give him his first bath.  I couldn’t have done it without her!

She has a Golden Retriever and a Golden Labrador.


The poor thing was shivering like crazy after! We dried him carefully with the blow dryer!


I bought this jacket at Walmart.  It’s probably going to be useless because when he had it on, he acted like he was in a straight jacket and wouldn’t move!  So I took it off of him!


This was his first time in my yard.  He was scared at first, but then he liked biting the crunchy snow.


Please ignore my recycling bin!


I knew that I would love what ever dog that we bought, but I didn’t think that I could fall in love so fast. In many ways, he acts like a baby.  I’m getting the biggest kick out of him!  It has been so nice coming home and having him fall asleep on my lap instead of being on my computer!  I’ve had a lot of neck and shoulder pain from stress and this week I can feel it getting better and better.  So if you don’t hear from me as often, I’m at home loving this little cutie pie!  He’s only a puppy for so long and I want to enjoy him!


If you have a pet, please tell me what you have and his/her name.  If you have any advice about Yorkies or puppies, please share.  I have a coffee table that has a couple of chew marks on it already!  And yes, he has chew toys!  :)


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    Awwww…He’s adorable. We have a 12ish pound YorkiePoo named Junebug. One thing I’ve learned about Yorkies and YorkiePoos is that they can be a bit high strung and sensitive. So that shaking thing might be from nerves, not cold. But they LOVE being around their person or people. Mine thinks she is a people! Also look out for his baby teeth. Sometimes on Yorkies, their adult teeth will come in but the baby teeth won’t fall out. You’ll have to have a vet check and make sure a baby teeth doesn’t need to be pulled once all the adult teeth come in. The canine teeth are especially notorious about that. Most importantly, have fun with him. :-)

    • 1.1

      Jane says

      Thank you for that info! We’re bringing Parker to the Vet in a month. I can’t wait to ask him/her a bunch of questions. I’ll bet Junebug is a cutie!

  2. 2

    Carol says

    Ah… a Yorkie… personality plus in a pint sized package. My neighbor has a yorkie named Clancy… and he is very vocal about his needs and wants, especially when it is time for his afternoon stroll.

    I have four rescue animals…. Elmo Orange, the long haired orange tabby that was rescued from a truck engine. Koby, the labramutt that came out of a prison program… he is a small labrador, only about thirty pounds and came to us pre-trained,… a real plus since I had youngish children at the time. Sullivan or Sully for short, our bichon poodle (bidoodle) that we adopted from a shelter for my daughter two years ago… he is my daughters best friend. Finally Buster Boo Straykitty…. she found us about a year ago and my husband was a sucker for her skinny little bones. She is also a yellow tabby, short haired…she ispetite, independent, but cuddly. She is supposed to be an outside kitty, but has been allowed in the house more since it is cold…. as long as she plays nice with the other furry family members, she can stay inside.

  3. 3

    jengd says

    Cute little guy! We have 2 cats- Bucky & Aeryn. Sounds like your chewing issue is like our scratching. We have scratching posts in several places that get used frequently but we still have a shredded chair and couch (and he scratched on a side that was hidden so it was decimated before we knew it. We were told to wrap things with foil because cats don’t like it. Got news. They loved pulling it off the furniture and while one would run under it, the other bounced along the top trying to flatten the first. Yeah. They hated it. yeah. hmmm. :)

  4. 4


    What an adorable little munchkin! My fiance and I went to the local MSPCA today to meet some doggies, and we actually met a little yorkie just like this guy! Just not as cute, you’ve got a little heartbreaker on your hands :) Enjoy!

  5. 5

    Jan J. says

    Parker is so cute and I love his name! We have two young pomeranians but I can’t give you any advice because they OWN us and the furniture, as far as getting on it. We had a small spray bottle of water and when they wouldn’t stop doing something damaging after repeated “no-no” and distracting, we would just say NO and give them one quick spray with it in the face – sounds mean but it did no harm and saved our furniture! The other helpful thing was to wear them out with walkies and play with toys and then they would sleep instead of destroy! Best of luck – they are definitely great destressors. When we are out I can’t wait to get home because I know our little pack of three is waiting and will go into utter hysteria of joy when we get home. There is always someone to hug and kiss me even when no one else will.

  6. 6


    Parker is so cute. I loved all your great pictures Jane. That little jacket is cute, but he just isn’t himself in that picture! lol

    Will his fur color and coat stay the same? My parents have a Wheaton Terrier and she had darker fur as a pup and as she got bigger is got lighter.

    I would love to get a little dog like this. Growing up we had a mini Schnauzer named Pepper. That was my favorite little dog. We can’t have a dog because of Grant’s allergies. Maybe we could have special housing for him. Grant that is! lol!

    • 6.1

      Jane says

      Thanks Kristi! Yes, he will turn a light tan and gray. I wish that didn’t happen because I love the different colors on him.

  7. 7


    Parker could NOT be cuter…how fun for all of you. We have friends with a Yorkie and Abby is very spoiled and loved. She’s a bit hyper and demands attention from all of us. No doubt you are in for a fun time with your new baby. :-)

  8. 9

    Connie Pruitt says

    Your puppy is so adorable. We have a yorkie and his name is Ziggy. He is 4 years old and wieghs 7 lbs. He thinks hes boss of me. And he loves to be held. He sleeps with us of course. They do have teeth issues. Hes had 3 pulled and due for dental cleaning. You will love your puppy more each day. Enjoy your yorkie. Have you named it?

    • 9.1

      Jane says

      Thanks Connie! His name is Parker. I just bought his toothbrush/paste today. I hope he doesn’t have any problems for a while!

  9. 10

    Connie Pruitt says

    I meant to add make sure your puppy has his own toys. Chew toys and play toys and make sure you encourage him to play and chew on them. We never had any problems with Ziggy chewing on anything. But he was 5 months old when we got him.

  10. 11

    Diane Riedel says

    Awwwwww, what a little cutie! The perfect sized doggie! We don’t have any dogs but we have two rescue kitties, Freddie & Darby. We rescued both as adults about a year apart. Both have different personalities that continue to evolve daily!
    I love coming home to their little faces waiting at the door for me. It’s such an amazing welcoming feeling.
    Enjoy Parker, he is definitely a keeper! :)

    • 11.1

      Jane says

      Thanks Diane! Parker doesn’t show much emotion yet. Can’t wait until he acts excited to see me come home!

  11. 14

    Terri S. says

    Parker is soooo cute! I know he will bring you lots of happiness.
    I’ve always had large dogs my whole life & didn’t care for little ones until I met my son’s fiancee’s Yorkie. I think she weighs only 3 lbs. and doesn’t get any bigger. She is the such a good dog. Everyone loves her. :)

  12. 19

    Helen says

    These are the best little dogs I have one her name is Sasha she is only 4lbs she is going to be 3yrs old in Feb.She is crazy,loving up my butt all day long wouldnt want any other she is the best.

  13. 21


    What a little cutie! Our golden retriever pup wasn’t too much bigger than that when we picked up out at 8 weeks…. but he’s already more than 70 lbs! My best tips are to be consistent in whatever training approach you use and make sure he gets lots of exercise. It shouldn’t take too much to tire him out at this point, but a long morning walk can go a loooong way in ensuring you have a well behaved dog for the day (I’m speaking from experience as our wild child pup is spending the afternoon snoozing post dog park). I’d also suggest Bitter Apple Spray to protect your furniture, walls, etc. from chewing. I even used it on my arms/legs when our dog Kirby was teething!

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